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A revision of the North American flies belonging to the genus Apiocera (Diptera, Apioceridae)
By Mont A. Cazier
Bulletin of the AMNH ; vol. 171, pp. 287-467, 1982
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An excellent and detailed reference for this fascinating family of flies.

There is also a 1985 companion/addendum publication by Cazier from the American Museum of Natural History entitled:

"New species and notes on flies belonging to the genus Apiocera (Diptera, Apioceridae)", American Museum Novitates, no. 2837, pp. 1-28.

It treats an additional 5 new NA species (A. mulegeae, warneri, varia, constricta, and lavignei), has revised keys for the entire genus, and also includes descriptions of previously unknown females of the species augur, alleni, exta, and voragocolis. The 1985 publication is available as a PDF from this web page.

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