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Sand Wasp - Gorytes atricornis - male

Sand Wasp - Gorytes atricornis - Male
Essex, Ontario, Canada
July 21, 2006
Size: About 15 mm

What do the mouthparts of a typical Gorytes look like?

Thanks in advance.

billY Gunnels

Moved from Gorytes.

Gorytes atricornis
Based on the ridging of the propodeal enclosure likely G. atricornis, a common species in Ontario.

I just...
caught one of these when I was out collecting spider wasps for my spider wasp survey of Ohio (I'll occasionally take a Sphecid or two). You know, I should look at some of your spider wasp pics and use the dates for seasonal distribution data. It seems like the aculeate faunas of Ohio and Ontario are similar and I have incorporated some data from Michigan and Pennsylvania in my study. E-mail me if you have any thoughts.