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Leafcutter? - Megachile perihirta - male

Leafcutter? - Megachile perihirta - Male
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
August 29, 2004
Would appreciate any info on this bee. Looks like the California Leafcutting Bee but it doesn't quite look the same as the one in my field guide. Where is Bug Eric?


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yes, its a Megachile leafcutter male
likely M. (Xanthosarus) perihirta

Megachile sp.
Leafcutter is probably correct. I see two submarginal cells. Not Melissodes.

Hard to say
Wow, this is tough. I don't think it is a megachilid. It looks like a male, which makes it even tougher because so many male bees resemble each other superficially....Reminds me more of a Melissodes sp., or something in that subfamily (Anthophorinae, in Apidae).

Thanks for answering the call Eric.