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Efferia [Pogonioefferia] pogonias - Efferia pogonias - male

Efferia [Pogonioefferia] pogonias - Efferia pogonias - Male
Snowhill Road north of Cabin Branch Creek, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
July 26, 2006
Size: 24 mm
One of the Efferia group, see comments for ID. I measured the plant upon which it was perched (29 mm across) to give a good estimate of the length of the fly--24 mm.
Image updated (adjacent frame from original) and additional one added 2019.

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Efferia [Pogonioefferia] pogonias - Efferia pogonias - male Efferia [Pogonioefferia] pogonias - Efferia pogonias - male

Efferia [Pogonioefferia] pogonias male. Very limited options in your state otherwise.

Thanks, same as...

Speaking of which, I noticed that the whole Efferia/Pogonia.../Albabarb... here is a mess--they are sort of split and sort of not. Any ideas on organizing them? Maybe we should put everything into tribes, that would put the related genera (or non-genera) together. Opinions?

I cleaned up the robber photos the past few weeks. But the Efferia likely should just be all under Efferia. If you can subgroup them under the various Pogonioefferia, Albibarbefferia that would be great. But those are not tribes officially. So I don't know what to label them. They have not been fully accepted by all the robber guys and Fisher makes a good argument for leaving the genus intact.

OK--taxonomy proposal forum
That sounds like one to float in the taxonomy forum, which I have just done--see this thread. We already have some of those genera establihsed, and it is going to be a little bit of a mess to clean up. Perhaps after some consensus is developed?