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Psilocorsis? - Autosticha kyotensis

Psilocorsis? - Autosticha kyotensis
Villas, Cape May County, New Jersey, USA
July 9, 2012
Size: 10 mm
Is this also referable to this genus and, possibly, to reflexella as was suggested for

Moved from Gelechioidea.

Moved from Moths.

Moved from ID Request.

This moth
I believe that this moth is the same as those shown here, here, here, and here, and I am now thinking that this could be either a Psilocorsis or a Glyphidocera. Has any of these moths been collected? One dissection would resolve this unequivocally within seconds.

Another Look?
Could you take another look at these two? I still am not seeing the difference between them and the one you dissected.

Yet another one
This one here would be a Kyoto Moth, wouldn't it?

Terry, here is another simila
Terry, here is another similar moth, which was placed in Glyphidocera in the guide in 2012 (link). Should it be moved, too?

Revision of my diagnoses above, based on additional new info: this moth = Psilocorsis sp.;
this moth = Glyphidocera septentrionella;
this moth
= can't tell from this photo; and this moth = Autosticha kyotensis.

If there's still any interest, I collected this one:

Autosticha kyotensis?
I've been suggesting Autosticha kyotensis for all these look-a-likes. Do you think that is what this is for this and the others you referenced?

You're right
This moth is Autosticha kyotensis.

Great post. My ID request here may well be solved by yours. Or, on second thought and after reviewing other posts, in the end the IDs may remain elusive.
Edit Dec 2014: In the meantime I frassed the post I refer to in this comment.