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Odiniidae - Traginops irroratus

Odiniidae - Traginops irroratus
Central Park, New York City, New York, USA
July 23, 2006
Top and bottom - Sciomyzidae - Dictya sp.?? Not even sure of the family. At tree sap after dark. I think about 5mm. Not sure about that either. Even more dubious about the smaller one in the center.

Moved from Traginops.

Moved from Acalyptratae.

Moved from Flies.

ID of the larger 2 flies.
Someone suggested Odiniidae for family based on habitat. In Marshall on p.511 there is a photo (#9) that looks really good. Genus is Traginops.
This would be a new family for BugGuide.

The one in the middle
seems to be the male.

Small one.
Thanks Adalbert. I wouldn't have guessed that. Any confirmation on family and/or genus?

the one in the middle
I'd bet that it's an entirely different family of flies.