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Majestic Longhorn Beetle - Stenocorus schaumii

Majestic Longhorn Beetle - Stenocorus schaumii
Upshur County, West Virginia, USA
May 30, 1988
This was a nice large beetle, though I didn't record the precise size. Cerambycidae, but which genus? The elytra really flare out from the tip of the abdomen to the pronotum.

Moved from Stenocorus. Looks like Stephen settled on this ID (Googling the species brought up his site!) This ID'd image looks like it as well.

Checked Yanega
Yanega's (1) plates show one possibility, a male Stenocorus schaumii. Range and flight period match. Checking for online photos.

Some confusion
Some sites seem to use schaumi, but most use schaumii. Also, the photos I see online look a bit different than Yanega's. In Yanega the male has a black pronotum, but the text says it's usually orange. The leg coloration in Yanega also appears to match your photo, but not those online. Maybe that varies too.

The online photos don't show the elytra tips coming to a point, and I can't tell really from Yanega. Looking at your higher res version of the photo what does it show?

Of course, I could be completely off base. Maybe we'll see what some others think.

Stenocorus Does Look Good, Thanks, Troy
The more I look at the pictures in Yanega the more I am convinced that your proposal of Stenocorus schaumii is a good one. Really nothing else matches. The on-line photos from Quebec are a bit different from the specimen in hand and from the photo in Yanega, but as Eric just reminded me, it doesn't pay for me to pin my ID on color and markings alone, since they can really be variable.


Stephen Cresswell
Buckhannon, WV