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Moth - Petrophila

Moth - Petrophila
Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
July 30, 2006
Size: 5/16 inch
Moth needs a name

No sorry
No, sorry I don't have a larger image

Larger version?
Do you have a larger version of this image that you could upload? I concur with Bob P. that this is likely to be Kearfott's Petrophila, but a couple of new AZ species were described in 2018 (Solis & Tuskes 2018)(1) and it would be useful to have a larger image to rule those out.

Moved from Moths.

Looks Like 4773 -- Petrophila [Parargyractis] kearfottalis
... but can't yet rule out the possibility of it being another western member of this genus

So the jury is still out?

I'll Ask Another Juror :-))
Might take a while, but I have saved the photo for Brian Scholtens to look at.