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Conoderus bellus

Conoderus bellus
Medford, Burlington Co. (~15 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) County, New Jersey, USA
July 5, 2006
Size: 4~6mm
I sure thought I had previously seen these here in South Jersey but didn't have the proof until now. Came to UV light.

these are all the same species

Only the two on the right are Conoderus bellus. The top left is, of course, a different species.

better picture
Thanks Brad, I see now how poor this photo is, but is there something that makes you think the one is not C. bellus? I just attributed it to a lighter phase of the same species. And I thought at the time I checked D&A's Conoderus genus and didn't seem to see anything similar, but it's been awhile and I could be mistaken.

Good point
It could well be a color phase of the same species, though its not mentioned in D&A's key. I'll keep a look out for any elaterids that are similarly patterned.