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Green and white striped larva - Feralia

Green and white striped larva - Feralia
Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
August 5, 2012
Elevation 3,000 feet, spruce-fir-birch forest. I posed it on a tree. I found it on my arm.

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Green and white striped larva - Feralia Red stripe - Feralia


Maybe something in Feralia?
We're still stuggling with these :(

I just realized this may be a young caterpillar that doesn't look quite like the last instar. I see contradictory information on when mature caterpillars should be found.

Doesn't match
Wagner(1) describes three species and all of them differ from mine, though all are similar in appearance. The white stripes on green mimic conifer needles and have apparently evolved independently several times in different genera. The red stripe may be unique.