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Needham's Skimmer? - Libellula needhami - male

Needham's Skimmer? - Libellula needhami - Male
Meaher State Park, Spanish Fort, Baldwin County, Alabama, USA
July 28, 2012
I took this photo during the Bugguide Swarm a few weeks ago at Meaher State Park in Mobile, AL. My initial thought was that this is a golden-winged skimmer. On further analysis, however, I now believe this is Libellula needhami. Using G.& J. Strickland's diagnostic tools, I found this specimen has 4 paranal cells proximal to the anal loop and the hind tibia were brown. The color change in costa at the node is also consistent with the diagnostics. The outer half is lighter while the inner half is darker. Am I correct in this assesment? Given the coloration of the thorax, I believe this specimen is probably a female. Will appreciate any comments or confirmation.

Finding these at the BugSwarm.

Digital Dragonflies
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Digital Dragonflies
Great resource, Robert. Thanks!

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Can't blow it up enough to see all the details you can
but it certainly sounds from your description that it is needhami. But it has the claspers on the end of the abdomen of a male. Needham's is what we were finding across the street at 5 rivers too. But we're confused. If you shot this at Meaher, why does it say that you shot it in Auburn, Lee County?

Agree it is a male. I was able to really get the detail on the original jpeg so feel pretty confident about the ID. Sorry about the location confusion....I just always forget to take off Auburn and put in the location. I will correct that. Thanks!