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weevil - Larinus turbinatus

weevil - Larinus turbinatus
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
August 5, 2012

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weevil - Larinus turbinatus weevil - Larinus turbinatus weevil - Larinus turbinatus

Moved from Larinus.

yeah well... this looks like classical turbinatus alright...
thanks, man.
please try to take & post as many pics of this weevil as possible, and collect voucher spcms: we must document the find thoroughly, and i still can't find any nearctic records of it [will be surveying the experts]

I posted all the shots I took
I would have taken more pics but it flew off. If I see another I will be sure to take some more shots.

they must be there in numbers
host plant info also important; in their native range they live on various thistles (Carduus nutans and Cirsium spp.) -- please take some shots of the plant[s], too.
i couldn't find any US or Canadian records on the web --which probably means it's a very recent and unintentional intro; collecting specimens will be critical.

host plant
I found this one on a sunflower leaf, but as far as I know there were no thistles around.

would you please contact me offline?
please drop a word to vmarfus on gmail. thanks!

funny. same family, but hard to imagine them eating sunflower