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Spiny Oak Slug Moth - Euclea delphinii - female

Spiny Oak Slug Moth - Euclea delphinii - Female
Parson's Run, Duluth, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
July 18, 2004
Saw Patrick's and had to submit my own :).

Attracted to a mercury vapor lamp. Appears to be a female based on thin antennae and rounded abdominal tip.

Moved from Euclea.


This is indeed a very handsome female Euclea delphinii.

on what do you base this id?

Euclea distinction
The basal green patch in nanina is generally perspicuously larger in proportion (of FW) when compared to the typical delphinii, and it always rises slightly above vein CuA, whereas in delphinii, the green patch only borders along vein CuA or less (except in the green forms), as it does on this specimen.

thanks for the information

Moved from Spiny Oak-Slug Moth. See information on the Euclea Info page.