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Click Beetle - Pherhimius fascicularis

Click Beetle - Pherhimius fascicularis
Dirk Bayer's Place, Baldwin County, Alabama, USA
July 27, 2012
gathering_2012 BugSwarm

I think this fella escaped from Mike Quinn's page! Some type of Click Beetle?

(I know, I know, lousy photo angle)

cool shot...
would've been a lousy angle in most cases, but not in this one!

Moved from ID Request.

Hey ...
Sometimes things just really CLICK!


Thanks for your great help!

hey Jon
any chance the specimen was collected? I haven't seen any specimen from AL yet, and could use the data for my upcoming work on the southeastern clickers. Thanks.

Shoulda beenhere

Sorry Blaine
We wish we had! We'd really be happy to help your study along - you do excellent work.