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Cicada (teneral) - Megatibicen resonans - female

Cicada (teneral) - Megatibicen resonans - Female
Dirk Bayer's Place, Baldwin County, Alabama, USA
July 27, 2012
gathering_2012 BugSwarm

Some type of Cicada, just hatched.

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Cicada (teneral) - Megatibicen resonans - female Cicada (teneral) - Megatibicen resonans - female



Tibicen sp. (Best guess = Tibicen resonans)
Fortunately, there are but several Tibicen species in s. Alabama and we can by elimination remove some options.
NOT pruinousus group, chloromerus group, davisi group, or similaris....doesn't look like figuratus either.

Was this cicada noticeably >2 inches long incl. wings?

The date (late July), coupled with the "pinkish" coloration, reddish wing veins and purplish eyes suggest Tibicen resonans.
Tibicen resonans

There is also a red form of T. auletes and when teneral, they are difficult to distinguish from resonans, esp. in areas of sympatry ... as in south AL.

NOTE: T. lyricen tenerals can be wild cards and vary from blues, to greens to purplish-pinks (salmon) as seen here; however, the wing veins are typically green or bluish in all forms...not reported to be the strange pinkish seen here, thus likely removing lyricen from the mix of possibilities.
refer to lyricen tenerals here: lyricen tenerals

Thanks Bill!
This fella was probably 2" long. It looked like he was freshly emerged. He certainly had a pinkish/bluish cast to him, which is what caught my eye.

Thanks for taking a look at him (her?).

T. resonans in Alabama
The few specimens I have from Alabama are slightly smaller than those collected in Florida or NC...don't know why.

Your cicada is female and looks to be on par with resonans from that area.

However, cicada id is not always easy, esp. when we are dealing with tenerals (=newly emerged / young adults) which have not yet developed their normal adult coloration.

NOTE: The purplish eyes are characteristic of this particular taxon.

Thanks Bill!
For even more educational info, AND with your expertise, looks like this gal becomes the first of this species for Alabama in BG Data. Wonderful, and much appreciated help!

I have been wanting to photograph several resonans
I have been wanting to photograph several resonans from other localities - some for Alabama - you beat me to the punch ;)

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