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Herbivorous Pleuroptya Moth - Patania silicalis

Herbivorous Pleuroptya Moth - Patania silicalis
Dirk Bayer's Place, Baldwin County, Alabama, USA
July 27, 2012
gathering_2012 BugSwarm

Maybe some type of (yellow) Crambid?

Moved from Moths.

Plentiful at this time of the year

I don't think it's Herpetogramma
See link to Pleuroptya silicalis in my earlier comment.

Hmmm ...
I probably need to revisit mt Herpets. Thanks

Thanks Guys!
We're all moved in over at our new place. So for a brief while this fella will enjoy the status of being the first record for Alabama in this species. But that won't last long once Bob moves some of his friends over here.

I did read in INFO where another one in this genus "Pleuroptya fluctuosalis (Lederer, 1863) is treated as a synonym of Herpetogramma fluctuosis" Hodges #5244. So looks like this one is somewhat similar, if not closely related to the other Herpetogramma?

Thanks again for the help from you both - I'm learning a lot!

There can be only one First
Even if I move any to here, your first will stand, as it was the first to be ID'd. For example, this Kyoto Moth is a first for Alabama (and Bug Guide), even though I posted a Kyoto two years earlier. Why? Because any subsequent ID's, regardless of when posted, are based on the first.

Crambid, yes
looks similar to this one.