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Pentatomidae - Genus / Species ? - Loxa flavicollis

Pentatomidae - Genus / Species ? - Loxa flavicollis
Georgia, USA
Pentatomidae need help with Genus or species.
Same as below :

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Moved to Pentatomidae for possible future ID.

any more info?
J&J say that you got the ID from Lyle Buss and Joe Eger. Did they say anything else about this species? I found almost nothing on the web...
What date was your photo taken? Mine were shot on 30 March.

Comments on the Mystery Stinker
Quoting :
Lyle Buss: Looks like Loxa flavicollis to me. They are huge, one of the biggest stink bugs that we have (~19-22 mm long). There is another species in the genus, Loxa viridis, which I have never collected, and it may look the same. L. viridis usually has a dark line along the innner surfaces of antennal segments one and two, while L. flavicollis usually does not. I attached a picture of L. flavicollis.

Joe Eger: L. flavicollis. There are specimens from north of Florida, but not very far north of here (Tampa). Savannah is a pretty good range extension. Thanks,

Brian got an ID for these from
Lyle Buss
Insect Identification Laboratory
Entomology & Nematology Dept.
University of Florida
Joe Eger
Field Development Biologist
Dow AgroSciences
-- Nice work Brian!