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Aspen gall - Zeugophora

Aspen gall - Zeugophora
Angel Lake, Elko County, Nevada, USA
August 28, 2012
Quaking Aspen. Elevation 8400 feet.

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Aspen gall - Zeugophora Bottom - Zeugophora

Moved from Unidentified Leaf Mines.

I've just seen photos of larvae that emerged from mines like this in CA, and they are definitely Zeugophora.

Similar mines on oak

Suspiciously like this one

...but all members of this group [Pegomya subgenus Pegomya, P. hyoscyami section, P. genupuncta subsection] are supposed to mine in the aster family, and I don't think any anthomyiids are known to mine in woody plants. Very strange. If it really were an anthomyiid mine, there should be one or more eggs like this on the underside of the leaf

...which I don't see, but anthomyiid larvae can exit their natal leaves and enter new ones, so it's still a possibility.

Moved from Unidentified Galls.

Seems to be a leaf mine
but not one I know about.