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Carolina mantis displaying wings - Stagmomantis carolina - female

Carolina mantis displaying wings - Stagmomantis carolina - Female
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
September 4, 2012
Size: ca. 3 in
Saw this around 10:30 this morning sitting in the middle of the sidewalk near a wooded area, looking like a dead leaf. When I gently nudged it to try to get it out of danger of being stepped on, it reared up, assuming a martial arts pose, and spread its wings.

female Carolina Mantis
Moved from ID Request.

It looked so leaflike initially that I'd been thinking it was a phasmid, not a mantis.

They do look a little similar,
but the shape of the head and those front legs will give it away every time.

We have so few of these posted with the wings showing, that it's nice to see one in full "fighting mode". This one is especially colorful. They look vicious when displaying like this, but are really harmless (unless you are smaller than they are!).

Praying Mantis...
in defensive mode. Not sure of actual indiviual ID though.