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Wasp ? - Calopompilus pyrrhomelas

Wasp ? - Calopompilus pyrrhomelas
Mt. Eddy, Siskiyou County, California, USA
September 2, 2012
Size: .75"

Moved from Spider Wasps. I missed the barely visible, but noticeable straight TCV2 the first time I looked at this photo. That wing venation character is typical of Calopompilus.

Moved from ID Request.

perhaps Calopompilus pyrrhomelas.

Yes, a wasp
I think probably Pompilidae. If I were guessing I would guess it's one of the genera called "tarantula hawks," but you should definitely wait for confirmation (I'm not sure the orange wings are diagnostic).

are correct about the wings; there are at least five genera that also have species with entirely orange wings other than Pepsis: Calopompilus, Hemipepsis, Entypus, Cryptocheilus, and Sphictostethus.