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Genus Amaurobius

Amaurobid - Amaurobius ferox - male spider - Amaurobius borealis - male Spider - Amaurobius ferox - male Amaurobius borealis - male Basement Dweller - Amaurobius ferox - female Coras? - Amaurobius ferox unknown male spider  - Amaurobius ferox - male Araneae - Amaurobius ferox - male
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Chelicerata (Chelicerates)
Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders)
No Taxon (Entelegynae)
Family Amaurobiidae (Hacklemesh Weavers)
Genus Amaurobius
Explanation of Names
Greek for 'living in the dark'.(1)
25 species in our range.
Amaurobius agastus
Amaurobius barbaricus
Amaurobius corruptus
Amaurobius diablo
Amaurobius distortus
Amaurobius dorotheae
Amaurobius galeritus
Amaurobius hagiellus
Amaurobius heathi
Amaurobius intermedius
Amaurobius latescens
Amaurobius leechi
Amaurobius mathetes
Amaurobius mephisto
Amaurobius minutus
Amaurobius palomar
Amaurobius prosopidus
Amaurobius similis
Amaurobius tamalpais
Amaurobius transversus
Amaurobius triangularis
Amaurobius tulare
Amaurobius vexans
All except A. borealis, A. ferox and A. similis seem to be limited to CA.

Amaurobius agastus - Orange, Monterey, and San Diego counties CA.(2)
Amaurobius barbaricus - Type locality Santa Barbara Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius borealis - Newfoundland west to British Columbia in Canada; Maine south to New York and west to Minnesota in the United States.(2)
Amaurobius corruptus - Holotype Monterey Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius diablo - Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, and Sonoma counties, CA.(2)
Amaurobius distortus - Holotype Tulare Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius dorotheae - Tulare Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius ferox - Holarctic(3) - Nova Scotia west to Ontario and Michigan, southwest to Illinois and east to Virginia.(2)
Amaurobius galeritus - Holotype Tulare Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius hagiellus - Ventura Co.,CA.(2)
Amaurobius heathi - Monterey Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius intermedius - Mendocino Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius latescens - Coastal CA, from San Diego Co. north to Marin Co.(2)
Amaurobius leechi - CA(2)
Amaurobius mathetes - Alameda and Contra Costa counties, CA.(2)
Amaurobius mephisto - Holotype Contra Costa Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius minutus - Holotype Mariposa Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius palomar - San Diego Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius prosopidus - Marin Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius similis - Holarctic(3)
Amaurobius tamalpais - Marin and San Fransisco counties, CA.(2)
Amaurobius transversus - Holotype Monterey Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius triangularis - Monterey Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius tulare - Tulare Co., CA.(2)
Amaurobius vexans - Marin Co., CA.(2)
Judging from images I receive for identification, males in this genus consistently wander in spring, rather than autumn, often showing up indoors.
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