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Two-spotted Crambid - Ategumia ebulealis

Two-spotted Crambid - Ategumia ebulealis
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA
September 9, 2012
Size: ~18 mm wingspan
At outdoor light. The linked image of the moth with closed wings was taken after a night in the refrigerator. A puzzler: the two spots on the abdomen remind of #5272 Herpetogramma bipunctalis but the patterns of the wings don't match. The wings look more like those of #5145 Diacme mopsalis but it has a black line rather than spots on the abdomen. My ID search obviously failed.

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Two-spotted Crambid - Ategumia ebulealis Two-spotted Crambid - Ategumia ebulealis

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Thanks - next time I know!
Well, I seem to remember to have read that one shouldn't delete posts but rather frass them in case someone objects to the removal. I am just one of those who doesn't want to clutter BG with redundant images. In this case I added a comment to the remaining linked image that provided relevant information that was removed by frassing.

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Ategumia ebulealis - Hodges #5158
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Nice addition to the guide.

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Oh boy - I revealed my inadequate detective work on MPG and BG that apparently left out Machele White's posts - or perhaps I missed her moth. But why is it not in the Diacme genus?