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Chinese mantis vs Praying mantis

Can someone please explain the difference between the two.

Maybe a picture side by side

Thank you in advance

Praying Mantis
is often used generally to describe any mantids. Specifically, it refers to Mantis religiosa, the European mantis. The Chinese mantid is a much larger insect; it can be nearly twice the length of a European mantis. It has a bold green stripe along the edge of the forewing, a vertically striped face and a yellow spot between the raptorial arms.

The European mantis has a black or black and white "bullseye" on the inside of the raptorial arms and a thin red and white "racing stripe" along the forewing.

Chinese European

Egg Cases and Young Nymphs
Is there any distinguishing feature between their egg cases? I collected several from our prairie because we're going to burn it soon and I'm curious to know if you can tell them apart before they hatch.

None have hatched yet, but when they do, can the newborn nymphs be distinguished by the same features?


Can the praying mantis be brown like the Chinese mantis?

If you have pictures of only the heads are you able to tell the difference?

Color Variations
Mantis religiosa appears in both green and brown morphs. In the east brown morphs are usually dark; western samples can vary from beige to yellow to a ghostly white.

If all you have is a head photo, the Chinese mantid is pretty distinctive with its striped face.

Thank you for clearing that up