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Orb Weaver - Neoscona oaxacensis

Orb Weaver - Neoscona oaxacensis
Davis, Yolo County, California, USA
August 13, 2006
I'm thinking Neoscona oaxacensis. Confirmations or other suggestions?

eye arrangement
This image is being used in the eye arrangement article, thanks!

Nice image
That's a very nice image. I just took a picture of what I think is the same species that I was quite happy with until I saw yours. The lighting is perfect, the background is very nice and the detail on the eyes is great.

I took my picture in Laguna beach.

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Thanks, Jeff. I remember that you identified one of my images before (turned out to be the same species in fact). I was tempted to put this one straight into the guide, but the two specimens looked a bit different and the last thing I want to do is put false info in the guide. Thanks again for your help.