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wood louse? - Cyphoderris monstrosa - female

wood louse? - Cyphoderris monstrosa - Female
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
August 13, 2006
Size: body = 2.5 cm (1")
Found in torpor outside house on fireplace vent screen. Closest similar image I could find was Eurycotis floridiana.

Moved from Cyphoderris.

Very cool!
You found a most interesting insect called a 'humpwinged grig.' They are most closely related to katydids and crickets, but are in a family all to themselves (Prophalangopsidae). The genus is Cyphoderris. Looks like this is a nymph, not sure which gender. They get a little larger than this. Nice find:-)

hump-winged grig
Thanks for the quick ID. I just stumbled across this website -- what a fantastic idea! I'm new to insects and this provides a great educational service. Now I'm off to learn more about hump-winged grigs (never even heard of them before...). Bob.