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wedge-patterned moth - Callistege intercalaris

wedge-patterned moth - Callistege intercalaris
Organ Mountains foothills, Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA
August 10, 2006
Size: about 16.5mm head-wingtip
Came to UV lights night of Aug. 9-10, 2006 and photographed after midnight.

I think I see where the name comes from.
Euclid was "the father of modern geometry."

species page moved
from Callistege to Euclidia, as per the classification at All-Leps

Moved from Euclidiini.


Moved from Catocalinae.

Although the subfamily Catacolinae is subdivided into tribes, almost nobody else on the Web uses these tribes. Consequently, someone without the one book that lists genera under tribes cannot conveniently place a moth. I suggest dispensing with tribes that are not in common use elsewhere so that time is not spent in futile searches for them. Plenty of other taxa on bugguide are listed by genus only, eliminating tribal subdivisions, probably for this very reason.

For moth tribes...
you can use the Search box near the left of this All-Leps page to look for a genus or species, and it will return results displaying a taxonomic tree, including the tribe if one has been assigned.

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8740 - Callistege intercalaris

Thanks, Bob.
I searched and searched for a tribe reference on this moth (see my other comment)without success, so I created a free-floating genus page for it.

Callistege belongs to the tribe Euclidiini. The closiest relatives of this genus in North America are genera Doryodes and Caenurgina. Sorry for being late with this information. Just have returned from the moth collectors workshop in Arizona.

Thanks, sort of ...
Man, what a lot of work to get this one image where it's supposed to go. ID providers seldom offer more than genus and species, and if you can't find a complete taxonomic tree online you are sunk.

I will prepare a list of trib
I will prepare a list of tribes of Catocalinae and North American genera that belong to these tribes and send it to you. I think it would be good if people working on other groups also prepare such lists.