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Unkonwn Horse Fly - Tabanus fumipennis - male

Unkonwn Horse Fly - Tabanus fumipennis - Male
Three Lakes Wilderness Area, Osceola County, Florida, USA
July 22, 2006
Size: 18 mm
This fly doesn't seem to have a match. One looks close but the wings are the wrong color. Any help would be great.

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Tabanus fumipennis. Females should be very common in Florida. Moved

Tony, quick reply! :) It is nice to have an expert like yourself to seek help and questions. You are appreciated. I will look for a female to post. These seem to get greasy rather quickly. Am I preparing incorrectly or is this a common problem?

Can't recall ever having problems with tabanids going greasy. It should be easy to safely degrease them folowing this technique: