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Weevil walking on the ground - Gerstaeckeria porosa

Weevil walking on the ground - Gerstaeckeria porosa
Grasslands NP, Saskatchewan, Canada
August 25, 2012
Can't seem to find this guy. Snout looks like Anthribidae, though not as broad as many. If Curcuilionidae, then looks most like Molytinae I think. ID help will be appreciated.

awesome addition --thanks again, gentlemen
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Gerstaeckeria porosus LeConte A new Canadian record. I have added OK to my distribution since my checklist. I reared the species in numbers from the pincushion cactus Coryphanta vivipora. The weevils eat out the innner material leavig the epidermal shell covered with spines and pupate in cells, with 5 to 8 cells per cactus, inside of the crown just below the soil surface. The adults emerge in the spring in the Amarillo TX area.

Thank-you Charlie, and thank-you v and Blaine! I enjoyed following this guy on my hands and knees, ha. Very cool to have a new record for Canada here on BG.

Moved tentatively; nice find...
acc'g to(1), the only Canadian province/terr. where members of this genus occur is AB
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Curculionidae, proper
I can snoop around more (I'm a little removed from these guys), but maybe somethng in Cryptorhynchinae. Note the antennae are elbowed, a feature not seen in Anthribidae.