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Pleas ID  (not even sure if it's a bug) - Callirhytis furva

Pleas ID (not even sure if it's a bug) - Callirhytis furva
Sterling, Loudoun County, Virginia, USA
August 31, 2005

Moved from Gall Wasps.

did u have 2 comb the area 2 find it
ahhh it's like a little feather duster very nice pic :)

I've always wondered about those, too!
They look like the things I used to find stuck to oak leaves in Louisiana when I was a kid. Is that an oak leaf? Since you reminded me about them, I went searching on Google and discovered they are called oak leaf galls. An insect causes the leaf tissue to produce the gall.

It appears our particular culprit is the Wooly oak gall:

And the gallmaker is a Callirhytis wasp:

Interesting find - Thanks!
Should I remove this picture from the gallery then?

Don't remove it
I will move it to the family page for now, eventually someone will make a species page for it.

Good question!
It's certainly insect-related, but I'm new here and don't know all the rules. I guess technically it's a photo of an insect's house? Like the bag of a bagworm?