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Tabanidae of Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains 2: a photographic key to the genera and species of Tabaninae...
By Thomas A.W.
Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification No.13, 2011
Cite: 723261 with citation markup [cite:723261]
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links don't work
Neither the "Online version" nor the "PDF" link is valid.
Steve Scholnick's link of 29 Jul 2016 (below) currently works.

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This one works at the moment.

Tony also had a beautiful key in dragonflies
to the Aeshnid Darners. If you find that online someplace, it would be great to note that too.

somebody in the ode community would know
i'll ask Denis Doucet

Tony does magnificent work, doesn't he?
We still miss him :(

so do i...
...even though our BG tenures have hardly overlapped
i found this work of his last night almost by accident (was simply checking what he's up to these days)