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Earwig and ant - Labidura riparia - female

Earwig and ant - Labidura riparia - Female
Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, Florida, USA
August 22, 2006
Pretty cool, huh?
Earwigs are not as wimpy as you think!

Moved from Earwigs.

This is an immature, which complicates things.

I count at least 20 segments in the antennae, which eliminates Labiidae/Spongiphoridae (adult Labidura should have 25 or more, but I believe they increase with each molt). The 2nd tarsal segment isn't dilated or extended, which eliminates Forficulidae and Chelisocidae. The tegmina meet in the middle, which eliminates Anisolabididae/Carcinophoridae.

I'm not positive about Pyagropsis buscki, but what I've seen doesn't look anything like this.

The wings and the coloration aren't right for an adult Labidura, but I suspect that's because this is an immature. What I can see of the forceps reminds me of Labidura.

Thanks! I can try to look for
Thanks! I can try to look for more pictures of this one if that would help.

Wow! I hadn't seen one catch
Wow! I hadn't seen one catch anything before either... cool!

Awesome photo - thanks for sharing!
I've never seen an earwig actually catch something with those pincers. =)