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What house spider is this? - Metaltella simoni

What house spider is this? - Metaltella simoni
Ontario, California, USA
November 15, 2012
Size: Quarter size with legs
I've been seeing this type of spiders in my bedroom for a long time now. I would find 1-5 in a year. I felt one in my bed last time and got scared, I took it out and let it free. I also found one on my pillow after waking up one morning, but it was already dead. Mostly though i would find it crawling the floor corners and bed corners. Really would like to know if this type of spider is poisonous. I've never been bitten nor felt any thing ordinary that made me sick or something nor a bite wound that got worse. I appreciate any help.

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What house spider is this? - Metaltella simoni What house spider is this? - Metaltella simoni

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Metaltella simoni?
He's a male, my guess would be Metaltella simoni. In any case, you can be sure he's harmless. It's wonderful to know you let the other spider free even though it scared you. :)

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Possibly Hacklemesh Weaver
Hey kyrontf, could my spider also be a hacklemesh weaver?....I was browsing around on this site and I happen to come across another thread and they were trying to ID the spider aswell. And one forumer identified it as a hacklemesh weaver which has very distinguishable similarities with my spider(Metaltella Simoni). Also have the same similarities with the spider you linked as a response to mine.

Possibly Hacklemesh Weaver
I can't rule it out based on my own knowledge, but Lynette's has more experience with these.

I guessed M. simoni based on the sawtooth like pattern on the abdomen and the general appearance of the carapace and legs. I'm not aware of any hacklemesh weaver that looks this way. The info page mentions a dorsal groove on the carapace and robust chelicerae, though I can't make either out in these images.

Ah now i remember why i got l
Ah now i remember why i got linked to hacklemesh weaver. It was because someone replied to your thread the one you linked(M. Simoni) that it could be Hacklemesh weaver.

So I searched Hacklemesh Weaver here and was linked here The picture that you see in my link is what I saw on my spider although the abdomen isn't as prominent as this. But yeah aside from that, I am comparing them and hard for me who isn't knowledgeable about spiders to distinguish which is which. Although, most M. Simoni threads here are more similar to mine, just some Hacklemesh Weaver has some similarities as well.

They do look a lot like hacklemesh weavers. The spider you linked to is a female, and they often have proportionately larger abdomens. It can vary a lot depending on how much they've eaten too. M. simoni can have a similar pattern on the underside:

Though it's not as strongly marked in that image.

ah i see. I think I may have
ah i see. I think I may have seen a female M. Simoni last time because i know i've seen bigger abdomen before. Thanks for the info, i'd rep you but there's no rep feature here.

nice photographs
I was curious and clicked on your name and led me to your info and gallery of professionally shot pictures of various spiders. Very nice gallery you have there and very nice close up shots.

Glad you liked them! :)

Oh wow thanks very much kyron
Oh wow thanks very much kyrontf. I really was kind of scared of getting bit by this spider or any spider at all. Thanks for the link, Metaltella simoni indeed resembles my spider. I googled some more and searched it here and i am relieved that it isnt a Brown Recluse because when i googled "brown house spider in california" it gave me a few spiders but mostly gave me the Brown Recluse. I was checking out the violin which is one way to distinguish a brown recluse since it was mentioned to one of the website i googled, but my spider didn't have it. I was still not convinced, so I had to search a forum and ask for help to identify it. Which led me to this very helpful site and very prompt response. And yeah, all the spiders that I have seen and caught were freed outside and didn't kill a single one, well not intentionally like the dead one on my pillow on that one morning :D.

edit: aww the one i have is missing his right hind leg.

edit: I can sleep soundly without worrying about this spider anymore. Thank you and I appreciate the prompt response.

You're welcome!
Incidentally, there's no need to worry about the brown recluse in California - it isn't found in the state! Here's a map that shows where the brown recluse is found (dark grey):

thanks for that info. I am r
thanks for that info. I am relieved that those images i googled regarding brown recluse bites won't happen to me, unless i move east :D.