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Catalogue of Geadephaga (Coleoptera, Adephaga) of America, north of Mexico
By Bousquet Y.
ZooKeys 245: 1–1722, 2012
Cite: 726603 with citation markup [cite:726603]

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Suplemental post-2012 geadephagan records & taxonomic changes
are archived on at this interactive and continuously updated Forum/Registry.

Interesting faunistic gems mined from Bousquet's 2012 catalogue
are on display at this BugGuide article.

Figure # - Page # - Dorsal habitus of species in Bousquet (2012)
The 43 excellent figures with associated text were not indexed in the catalogue so they are listed here for your convenience.

Fig-Pg---Dorsal habitus of species
1-- 70 ---Chart
2-- 71 ---Chart
3-- 72 ---Chart
4-- 164 --Trachypachus gibbsii
5-- 184 --Omoglymmius americana
6-- 205 --Pelophila borealis
7-- 226 --Notiophilus aquaticus
8-- 246 --Cychrus tuberculatus
9-- 269 --Calosoma sycophanta
10- 290 --Carabus nemoralis
11- 311 --Omus dejeanii
12- 332 --Cicindela marginata
13- 353 --Loricera pilicornis
14- 374 --Diacheila arctica amoena
15- 395 --Elaphrus fuliginosus
16- 416 --Pasimachus elongatus
17- 437 --Clivina fossor
18- 458 --Schizogenius amphibus
19- 479 --Promecognathus crassus
20- 500 --Broscus cephalotes
21- 521 --Trechus apicalis
22- 528 --Asaphidion curtum curtum
23- 558 --Phrypeus rickseckeri
24- 592 --Mioptachys flavicauda
25- 625 --Platypatrobus lacustris
26- 658 --Nomius pygmaeus
27- 693 --Pysdrus piceus
28- 729 --Pterostichus punctatissimus
29- 766 --Lachnocrepis parallela
30- 804 --Chlaenius purpuricollis
31- 843 --Badister neopulchellus
32- 883 --Geopinus incrassatus
33- 924 --Piosoma setosum
34- 966 --Trichotichnus dichrous
35- 1009 -Cratacanthus dubius
36- 1014 -Sericoda quadripunctata
37- 1065 -Rhadine lindrothi
38- 1116 -Perigonia nigriceps
39- 1167 -Atranus pubescens
40- 1218 -Cymindis platicollis
41- 1296 -Tecnophilus croceicollis peigani
42- 1320 -Helluomorphoides praestus bicolor
43- 1371 -Pseudomorpha sp.

the most important document about Nearctic Carabidae available. The identification recommendations alone are invaluable.

abstract (part) and citation
All scientific names of Trachypachidae, Rhysodidae, and Carabidae (including cicindelines) recorded from America north of Mexico are catalogued. Available species-group names are listed in their original combinations with the author(s), year of publication, page citation, type locality, location of the namebearing type, and etymology for many patronymic names.

Bousquet, Y. 2012. Catalogue of Geadephaga (Coleoptera, Adephaga) of America, north of Mexico. ZooKeys 245: 1–1722.