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Supertribe Harpalitae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Adephaga - Ground and Water Beetles
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Harpalinae
Supertribe Harpalitae

Tribe Atranini
Genus Atranus
Species pubescens - Atranus pubescens
Tribe Ctenodactylini
Genus Leptotrachelus
Species depressus - Leptotrachelus depressus
Species dorsalis - Leptotrachelus dorsalis
Tribe Cyclosomini
Genus Tetragonoderus
Species intersectus - Tetragonoderus intersectus
Species fasciatus - Tetragonoderus fasciatus
Species pallidus - Tetragonoderus pallidus
Species laevigatus - Tetragonoderus laevigatus
Species latipennis - Tetragonoderus latipennis
Tribe Galeritini
Genus Galerita - False Bombardier Beetles
Species aequinoctialis - Galerita (Galerita) aequinoctialis
No Taxon subgenus Progaleritina
Species atripes - Galerita atripes
Species bicolor - Galerita bicolor
Species forreri - Galerita forreri
Species janus - Galerita janus
Species lecontei - Galerita lecontei
Species mexicana - Galerita mexicana
Species reichardti - Galerita reichardti
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Harpalini
Subtribe Pelmatellina
Genus Pelmatellus
Species obtusus - Pelmatellus obtusus
Subtribe Anisodactylina
Genus Notiobia
Species brevicollis - Notiobia brevicollis
Species cephala - Notiobia cephala
Species cyanippa - Notiobia cyanippa
Species maculicornis - Notiobia maculicornis
Species mexicana - Notiobia mexicana
Species nitidipennis - Notiobia nitidipennis
Species purpurascens - Notiobia purpurascens
Species sayi - Notiobia sayi
Species terminata - Notiobia terminata
Genus Xestonotus
Species lugubris - Xestonotus lugubris
Genus Anisodactylus
No Taxon Subgenus Anisodactylus
Species binotatus - Anisodactylus binotatus
Species consobrinus - Anisodactylus consobrinus
Species nemorivagus - Heath Short-spur
No Taxon californicus group
Species californicus - Anisodactylus californicus
Species furvus - Anisodactylus furvus
Species similis - Anisodactylus similis
No Taxon carbonarius group
Species carbonarius - Anisodactylus carbonarius
Species harrisii - Anisodactylus harrisii
Species nigerrimus - Anisodactylus nigerrimus
No Taxon melanopus group
Species agricola - Anisodactylus agricola
Species melanopus - Anisodactylus melanopus
No Taxon nigrita group
Species kirbyi - Anisodactylus kirbyi
Species nigrita - Anisodactylus nigrita
No Taxon Subgenus Gynandrotarsus
No Taxon dulcicollis group
Species dulcicollis - Anisodactylus dulcicollis
Species harpaloides - Anisodactylus harpaloides
Species opaculus - Anisodactylus opaculus
Species texanus - Anisodactylus texanus
No Taxon rusticus group
Species anthracinus - Anisodactylus anthracinus
Species haplomus - Anisodactylus haplomus
Species merula - Anisodactylus merula
Species ovularis - Anisodactylus ovularis
Species rusticus - Anisodactylus rusticus
No Taxon Subgenus Anadaptus
Species alternans - Anisodactylus alternans
Species discoideus - Anisodactylus discoideus
Species porosus - Anisodactylus porosus
Species sanctaecrucis - Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis
Species verticalis - Anisodactylus (Spongopus) verticalis
No Taxon Subgenus Aplocentrus
Species caenus - Anisodactylus caenus
Species laetus - Anisodactylus (Pseudaplocentrus) laetus
Genus Geopinus
Species incrassatus - Geopinus incrassatus
Genus Amphasia
Species interstitialis - Amphasia interstitialis
Species sericea - Amphasia sericea
Genus Dicheirus
Species dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus
Subspecies dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus dilatatus
Species piceus - Dicheirus piceus
Species strenuus - Dicheirus strenuus
Subtribe Stenolophina
Genus Acupalpus
No Taxon subgenus Tachistodes
Species indistinctus - Acupalpus indistinctus
Species partiarius - Acupalpus partiarius
Species pauperculus - Acupalpus pauperculus
Species testaceus - Acupalpus testaceus
No Taxon subgenus Anthracus
Species tener - Acupalpus tener
No Taxon subgenus Acupalpus
Species canadensis - Acupalpus canadensis
Species carus - Acupalpus carus
Species hydropicus - Acupalpus hydropicus
Species meridianus - Acupalpus meridianus
Species nanellus - Acupalpus nanellus
Species pumilus - Acupalpus pumilus
Genus Agonoleptus
Species conjunctus - Agonoleptus conjunctus
Species rotundatus - Agonoleptus rotundatus
Species rotundicollis - Agonoleptus rotundicollis
Species thoracicus - Agonoleptus thoracicus
Genus Amerinus
Species linearis - Amerinus linearis
Genus Bradycellus
No Taxon subgenus Bradycellus
Species harpalinus - Bradycellus harpalinus
No Taxon subgenus Catharellus
Species lecontei - Bradycellus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Liocellus
Species nitidus - Bradycellus nitidus
Species politus - Bradycellus politus
No Taxon subgenus Lipalocellus
Species nigrinus - Bradycellus nigrinus
Species semipubescens - Bradycellus semipubescens
No Taxon subgenus Stenocellus
Species festinans - Bradycellus festinans
Species montanus - Bradycellus montanus
Species suavis - Bradycellus suavis
Species veronianus - Bradycellus veronianus
No Taxon nigriceps group
Species insulsus - Bradycellus insulsus
Species neglectus - Bradycellus neglectus
Species nigriceps - Bradycellus nigriceps
No Taxon rupestris group
Species congener - Bradycellus congener
Species nigerrimus - Bradycellus nigerrimus
Species nubifer - Bradycellus nubifer
Species rupestris - Bradycellus rupestris
No Taxon tantillus group
Species californicus - Bradycellus californicus
Species rivalis - Bradycellus rivalis
Species tantillus - Bradycellus tantillus
Species lineatus - Bradycellus lineatus
No Taxon subgenus Triliarthrus
Species atrimedeus - Bradycellus atrimedeus
Species badipennis - Bradycellus badipennis
Species conformis - Bradycellus conformis
Species kirbyi - Bradycellus kirbyi
Species lugubris - Bradycellus lugubris
Genus Dicheirotrichus
Species cognatus - Dicheirotrichus cognatus
Species mannerheimii - Dicheirotrichus (Oreoxenus) mannerheimii
Genus Philodes
Species alternans - Philodes (s.str.) alternans
No Taxon subgenus Goniolophus
Species flavilimbus - Philodes flavilimbus 0
Species longulus - Philodes longulus
Species rectangulus - Philodes rectangulus
Genus Pogonodaptus
Species mexicanus - Pogonodaptus mexicanus
Genus Polpochila
Species capitata - Polpochila capitata
Species erro - Polpochila erro
Genus Stenolophus - Seedcorn Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Agonoderus
Species binotatus - Stenolophus binotatus
Species comma - Stenolophus comma
Species infuscatus - Stenolophus infuscatus
Species lecontei - LeConte's Seedcorn Beetle
Species lineola - Stenolophus lineola
Species maculatus - Stenolophus maculatus
No Taxon subgenus Stenolophus
Species anceps - Stenolophus anceps
Species carbo - Stenolophus carbo
Species dissimilis - Stenolophus dissimilis
Species flavipes - Stenolophus flavipes
Species fuliginosus - Stenolophus fuliginosus
Species fuscatus - Stenolophus fuscatus
Species humidus - Stenolophus humidus
Species incultus - Stenolophus incultus
Species limbalis - Stenolophus limbalis
Species ochropezus - Stenolophus ochropezus
Species plebejus - Stenolophus plebejus
Species spretus - Stenolophus spretus
Subtribe Harpalina
Genus Piosoma
Species setosum - Piosoma setosum
Genus Euryderus
Species grossus - Euryderus grossus
Genus Ophonus
Species puncticeps - Ophonus puncticeps
Species rufibarbis - Ophonus rufibarbis
Genus Harpalus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoophonus
No Taxon pensylvanicus group
Species pensylvanicus - Pennsylvania Dingy Ground Beetle
Species protractus - Harpalus protractus
Species texanus - Harpalus texanus
No Taxon compar group
Species actiosus - Harpalus actiosus
Species compar - Harpalus compar
Species erythropus - Harpalus erythropus
Species paratus - Harpalus paratus
Species vagans - Harpalus vagans
No Taxon rufipes group
Species faunus - Harpalus faunus
Species rufipes - Strawberry Seed Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Megapangus
Species caliginosus - Murky Ground Beetle
Species katiae - Harpalus katiae
No Taxon Subgenus Plectralidus
Species erraticus - Harpalus erraticus
Species retractus - Harpalus retractus
No Taxon Subgenus Opadius
No Taxon nigritarsis group
Species nigritarsis - Harpalus nigritarsis
No Taxon cordatus group
Species cordifer - Harpalus cordifer
No Taxon desertus group
Species desertus - Harpalus desertus
Species gravis - Harpalus gravis
Species indianus - Harpalus indianus
No Taxon laticeps group
Species laticeps - Harpalus laticeps
Species providens - Harpalus providens
No Taxon spadiceus group
Species fraternus - Harpalus fraternus
Species fulvilabris - Harpalus fulvilabris
Species reversus - Harpalus reversus
Species spadiceus - Harpalus spadiceus
Species ventralis - Harpalus ventralis
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalus
No Taxon opacipennis group
Species opacipennis - Harpalus opacipennis
No Taxon somnulentus group
Species herbivagus - Harpalus herbivagus
Species somnulentus - Harpalus somnulentus
No Taxon affinis group
Species affinis - Harpalus affinis
Species rubripes - Harpalus rubripes
No Taxon cautus group
Species ellipsis - Harpalus ellipsis
Species innocuus - Harpalus innocuus
No Taxon amputatus group
Species amputatus - Harpalus amputatus
No Taxon atrichatus group
No Taxon obnixus group
Species obnixus - Harpalus obnixus
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalobius
Species fuscipalpis - Harpalus fuscipalpis
No Taxon Subgenus Glanodes
Species cohni - Harpalus cohni
Species puncticeps - Harpalus puncticeps
Genus Harpalobrachys
Species leiroides - Harpalobrachys leiroides
Genus Hartonymus
Species hoodi - Hartonymus hoodi
Species alternatus - Hartonymus alternatus
Genus Amblygnathus
Species interior - Amblygnathus interior
Species iripennis - Amblygnathus iripennis
Species mexicanus - Amblygnathus mexicanus
Species subtinctus - Amblygnathus subtinctus
Genus Athrostictus
Species punctatulus - Athrostictus punctatulus
Genus Selenophorus
Species breviusculus - Selenophorus breviusculus
No Taxon subgenus Celiamorphus
Species discopunctatus - Selenophorus discopunctatus
Species ellipticus - Selenophorus ellipticus
Species fossulatus - Selenophorus fossulatus
Species granarius - Selenophorus granarius
No Taxon subgenus Selenophorus
Species aeneopiceus - Selenophorus aeneopiceus
Species aequinoctialis - Selenophorus aequinoctialis
Species concinnus - Selenophorus concinnus
Species discoderoides - Selenophorus discoderoides
Species famulus - Selenophorus famulus
Species fatuus - Selenophorus fatuus
Species gagatinus - Selenophorus gagatinus
Species hylacis - Selenophorus hylacis
Species maritimus - Selenophorus maritimus
Species opalinus - Selenophorus opalinus
Species palliatus - Selenophorus palliatus
Species parumpunctatus - Selenophorus parumpunctatus
Species pedicularius - Selenophorus pedicularius
Species planipennis - Selenophorus planipennis
Species sinuaticollis - Selenophorus sinuaticollis
Species striatopunctatus - Selenophorus striatopunctatus
Species trepidus - Selenophorus near trepidus
Genus Discoderus
Species aequalis - Discoderus aequalis
Species amoenus - Discoderus amoenus
Species congruens - Discoderus congruens
Species cordicollis - Discoderus (Senalius) cordicollis
Species crassicollis - Discoderus crassicollis
Species impotens - Discoderus impotens
Species obsidianus - Discoderus obsidianus
Species parallelus - Discoderus parallelus
Species pinguis - Discoderus pinguis
Species robustus - Discoderus robustus
Genus Stenomorphus
Species californicus - Stenomorphus californicus
Subspecies rufipes - Stenomorphus californicus rufipes
Species sinaloae - Stenomorphus sinaloae
Species convexior - Stenomorphus convexior
Genus Trichotichnus
No Taxon subgenus Trichotichnus
Species dichrous - Trichotichnus dichrous
Species vulpeculus - Trichotichnus vulpeculus
No Taxon subgenus Iridessus
Species autumnalis - Trichotichnus autumnalis
Species fulgens - Trichotichnus fulgens
Genus Aztecarpalus
Species schaefferi - Aztecarpalus schaefferi
Genus Cratacanthus
Species dubius - Cratacanthus dubius
Tribe Helluonini - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Genus Helluomorphoides - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Species clairvillei - Helluomorphoides clairvillei
Species ferrugineus - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus
Species latitarsis - Helluomorphoides latitarsis
Species nigripennis - Helluomorphoides nigripennis
Species papago - Helluomorphoides papago
Species praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus
Subspecies bicolor - Helluomorphoides praeustus bicolor
Subspecies praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus praeustus
Tribe Lachnophorini
Genus Anchonoderus
Species horni - Anchonoderus horni
Species quadrinotatus - Anchonoderus quadrinotatus
Species schaefferi - Anchonoderus schaefferi
Genus Ega
Species sallei - Ega sallei
Genus Euphorticus
Species pubescens - Euphorticus pubescens
Genus Eucaerus
Species varicornis - Eucaerus varicornis
Genus Lachnophorus
Species elegantulus - Lachnophorus elegantulus
Tribe Lebiini
Subtribe Pericalina
Genus Mochtherus
Species tetraspilotus - Mochtherus tetraspilotus
Genus Phloeoxena
Species signata - Phloeoxena signata
Genus Eucheila
Species boyeri - Eucheila boyeri
Genus Somotrichus
Species unifasciatus - Somotrichus unifasciatus
Genus Coptodera
Species aerata - Coptodera aerata
Species nitidula - Coptodera nitidula
Genus Cymindis
No Taxon Subgenus Tarulus
Species americana - Cymindis americana
Species borealis - Cymindis borealis
Species cribricollis - Cymindis cribricollis
Species elegans - Cymindis elegans
Species evanescens - Cymindis evanescens
Species laticollis-or-interior - Cymindis laticollis-or-interior
Species neglecta - Cymindis neglecta
Species pilosa - Cymindis pilosa
Species planipennis - Cymindis planipennis
Species unicolor - Cymindis unicolor
Species uniseriata - Cymindis uniseriata
Species vaporariorum - Cymindis vaporariorum
No Taxon Subgenus Pinacodera
Species complanata - Cymindis complanata
Species limbata - Cymindis limbata
Species platicollis - Cymindis platicollis
Subspecies platicollis - Cymindis platicollis platicollis
Subspecies atripennis - Cymindis platicollis atripennis
Species punctifera - Cymindis punctifera
Species punctigera - Cymindis punctigera
Species rufostigma - Cymindis rufostigma
Genus Apenes
Species coriacea - Apenes coriacea
Species hilariola - Apenes hilariola
Species lucidula - Apenes lucidula
Species nebulosa - Apenes nebulosa
Species parallela - Apenes parallela
Species sinuata - Apenes sinuata
Subtribe Dromiusina
Genus Dromius
Species fenestratus - Dromius fenestratus
Species piceus - Dromius piceus
Subspecies quadricollis - Dromius piceus quadricollis
Genus Philorhizus
Species melanocephalus - Philorhizus melanocephalus
Genus Microlestes
Species curtipennis - Microlestes curtipennis
Species linearis - Microlestes linearis
Genus Apristus
Species latens - Apristus latens
Species laticollis - Apristus laticollis
Species constrictus - Apristus constrictus
Species subdeletus - Apristus subdeletus
Species subsulcatus - Apristus subsulcatus
Genus Syntomus
Species americanus - Syntomus americanus
Genus Axinopalpus
Species biplagiatus - Axinopalpus biplagiatus
Species fusciceps - Axinopalpus fusciceps
Species illectus - Axinopalpus illectus
Subtribe Lebiina
Genus Lebia - Colorful Foliage Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Loxopeza
No Taxon atriventris group
Species atriceps - Lebia atriceps
Species atriventris - Lebia atriventris
No Taxon tricolor group
Species deceptrix - Lebia deceptrix
Species grandis - Large Foliage Ground Beetle
Species pimalis - Lebia pimalis
Species subdola - Lebia subdola
Species subgrandis - Lebia subgrandis
Species tricolor - Lebia tricolor
No Taxon subgenus Polycheloma
Species lecontei - Lebia lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Lamprias
Species divisa - Lebia divisa
No Taxon subgenus Lebia
Species analis - Lebia analis
Species bitaeniata - Lebia bitaeniata
No Taxon bivittata group
Species abdominalis - Lebia abdominalis
Species bilineata - Lebia bilineata
Species bivittata - Lebia bivittata
Species collaris - Lebia collaris
No Taxon fuscata group
Species abdita - Lebia abdita
Species calliope - Lebia calliope
Species esurialis - Lebia esurialis
Species fuscata - Lebia fuscata
Species guttula - Lebia guttula
Species insulata - Lebia insulata
Species lobulata - Lebia lobulata
Species ornata - Lebia ornata
Species subrugosa - Lebia subrugosa
Species bumeliae - Lebia bumeliae
Species pulchella - Beautiful Banded Lebia
Species pumila - Lebia pumila
Species rugatifrons - Lebia rugatifrons
Species scalpta - Lebia scalpta
Species scapula - Lebia scapula
Species variegata - Lebia variegata
Species viridipennis - Green-winged Lebia
No Taxon viridis group
Species arizonica - Lebia arizonica
Species cyanipennis - Lebia cyanipennis
Species marginicollis - Lebia marginicollis
Species moesta - Lebia moesta
Species perita - Lebia perita
Species pleuritica - Lebia pleuritica
Species rufopleura - Lebia rufopleura
Species tuckeri - Lebia tuckeri
Species viridis - Lebia viridis
No Taxon vittata group
Species histrionica - Lebia histrionica
Species miranda - Lebia miranda
Species pectita - Lebia pectita
Species solea - Lebia solea
Species vittata - Lebia vittata
Genus Hyboptera
Species auxiliadora - Hyboptera auxiliadora
Subtribe Calleidina
Genus Plochionus
Species amandus - Plochionus amandus
Species discoideus - Plochionus discoideus
Species timidus - Plochionus timidus
Genus Tecnophilus
Species croceicollis - Tecnophilus croceicollis
Genus Calleida
No Taxon subgenus Calleida
Species decora - Calleida decora
Species fimbriata - Calleida fimbriata
Species fulgida - Calleida fulgida
Species planulata - Calleida planulata
Species platynoides - Calleida platynoides
Species punctata - Calleida punctata
Species punctulata - Calleida punctulata
Species purpurea - Calleida purpurea
Species viridipennis - Calleida viridipennis
Genus Philophuga
Species caerulea - Philophuga caerulea
Species viridicollis - Philophuga viridicollis
Species viridis - Philophuga viridis
Subspecies amoena - Philophuga viridis amoena
Subspecies horni - Philophuga viridis horni
Genus Onota
Species angulicollis - Onota angulicollis
Genus Cylindronotum
Species aeneum - Cylindronotum aeneum
Genus Agra
Species wickhami - Wickham’s Elegant Canopy Beetle
Species oblongopunctata - =NOT IN OUR AREA=
Species rileyi - Riley's Elegant Canopy Beetle
Genus Euproctinus
Species abjectus - Euproctinus abjectus
Species balli - Euproctinus balli
Genus Nemotarsus
Species elegans - Nemotarsus elegans
Species rhombifer - Nemotarsus rhombifer
Tribe Licinini
Genus Badister
No Taxon Subgenus Baudia
Species transversus - Badister transversus
No Taxon micans group
Species grandiceps - Badister grandiceps
Species micans - Badister micans
Species parviceps - Badister parviceps
Species reflexus - Badister reflexus
No Taxon Subgenus Badister
Species notatus - Badister notatus
No Taxon pulchellus group
Species neopulchellus - Badister neopulchellus
No Taxon elegans group
Species elegans - Badister elegans
Species flavipes - Badister flavipes
Species maculatus - Badister maculatus
Subtribe Dicaelina
Genus Diplocheila
Species assimilis - Diplocheila assimilis
Species impressicollis - Diplocheila impressicollis
Species obtusa - Diplocheila obtusa
Species oregona - Diplocheila oregona
Species striatopunctata - Diplocheila striatopunctata
Genus Dicaelus - Notched-mouth Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Paradicaelus
Species elongatus - Dicaelus elongatus
No Taxon politus group
Species ambiguus - Dicaelus ambiguus
Species politus - Dicaelus politus
Species teter - Dicaelus teter
No Taxon furvus group
Species dilatatus - Dicaelus dilatatus
Species furvus - Dicaelus furvus
Species sculptilis - Dicaelus sculptilis
No Taxon subgenus Dicaelus
Species alternans - Dicaelus alternans
Species costatus - Dicaelus costatus
Species crenatus - Dicaelus crenatus
Species purpuratus - Dicaelus purpuratus
Species subtropicus - Dicaelus subtropicus
No Taxon subgenus Liodicaelus
Species chermocki - Dicaelus chermocki
Species laevipennis - Dicaelus laevipennis
Species suffusus - Dicaelus suffusus
Tribe Odacanthini
Genus Colliuris - Long-necked Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Cosnania
Species pensylvanica - Colliuris pensylvanica
Species lengi - Colliuris lengi
No Taxon subgenus Calocolliuris
Species caymanensis - Colliuris caymanensis
Species lioptera - Colliuris lioptera
Species ludoviciana - Colliuris ludoviciana
Tribe Pentagonicini
Genus Pentagonica
Species bicolor - Pentagonica bicolor
Species felix - Pentagonica felix
Species flavipes - Pentagonica flavipes
Species marshalli - Pentagonica marshalli
Species nigricornis - Pentagonica nigricornis 0
Species picticornis - Pentagonica picticornis
Tribe Perigonini
Genus Perigona
Species nigriceps - Perigona nigriceps
Species pallipennis - Perigona pallipennis
Tribe Platynini
Genus Olisthopus
Species brevicornis - Olisthopus brevicornis
Species filicornis - Olisthopus filicornis
Species innuens - Olisthopus innuens
Species micans - Olisthopus micans
Species parmatus - Olisthopus parmatus
Genus Elliptoleus
Species acutesculptus - Elliptoleus acutesculptus
Genus Sericoda
Species bembidioides - Sericoda bembidioides
Species bogemannii - Sericoda bogemannii
Species obsoleta - Sericoda obsoleta
Species quadripunctata - Sericoda quadripunctata
Genus Tetraleucus
Species picticornis - Tetraleucus picticornis
Genus Anchomenus
Species aeneolus - Anchomenus aeneolus
Species funebris - Anchomenus funebris
Species quadratus - Anchomenus quadratus
Genus Rhadine
Species babcocki - Rhadine babcocki
Species howdeni - Rhadine howdeni
No Taxon dissecta species group
Species dissecta - Rhadine dissecta
Species lindrothi - Rhadine lindrothi
No Taxon larvalis species group
Species caudata - Rhadine caudata
Species ozarkensis - Rhadine ozarkensis
No Taxon subterranea species group
Species infernalis - Rhadine infernalis
Species austinica - Rhadine austinica
No Taxon nivalis species group
Species nivalis - Rhadine nivalis
No Taxon perlevis species group
Species myrmecodes - Rhadine myrmecodes
Species perlevis - Rhadine perlevis
No Taxon jejuna species group
Species jejuna - Rhadine jejuna
Genus Tanystoma
Species cuyama - Tanystoma cuyama
Species diabolica - Tanystoma diabolica
Species maculicolle - Tule Beetle
Species striatum - Tanystoma striatum
Genus Paranchus
Species albipes - Paranchus albipes
Genus Oxypselaphus
Species pusillus - Oxypselaphus pusillus
Genus Agonum
No Taxon Subgenus Agonum
Species muelleri - Agonum muelleri
Species piceolum - Agonum piceolum
Species placidum - Agonum placidum
No Taxon Subgenus Platynomicrus
Species ferruginosum - Agonum ferruginosum
Species nigriceps - Agonum nigriceps
No Taxon unsorted with green luster
No Taxon Subgenus Europhilus
Species anchomenoides - Agonum anchomenoides
Species canadense - Agonum canadense
Species consimile - Agonum consimile
Species darlingtoni - Agonum darlingtoni
Species galvestonicum - Agonum galvestonicum
Species gratiosum - Agonum gratiosum
Species limbatum - Agonum limbatum
Species lutulentum - Agonum lutulentum
Species palustre - Agonum palustre
Species retractum - Agonum retractum
Species sordens - Agonum sordens
Species thoreyi - Agonum thoreyi
No Taxon Subgenus Olisares
Species albicrus - Agonum albicrus
No Taxon cupripenne group
Species belleri - Beller's Ground Beetle
Species cupreum - Agonum cupreum
Species cupripenne - Agonum cupripenne
Species fossiger - Agonum fossiger
Species muiri - Agonum muiri
Species suturale - Agonum suturale
Species cyclifer - Agonum cyclifer
No Taxon errans group
Species errans - Agonum errans
Species ferreum - Agonum ferreum
Species excavatum - Agonum excavatum
No Taxon extensicolle group
Species cyanopis - Agonum cyanopis
Species decorum - Agonum decorum
Species extensicolle - Agonum extensicolle
Species extimum - Agonum extimum
Species texanum - Agonum texanum
No Taxon melanarium group
Species affine - Agonum affine
Species brevicolle - Agonum brevicolle
Species collare - Agonum collare
Species corvus - Agonum corvus
Species fidele - Agonum fidele
Species harrisii - Agonum harrisii
Species melanarium - Agonum melanarium
Species moerens - Agonum moerens
Species mutatum - Agonum mutatum
Species propinquum - Agonum propinquum
Species tenue - Agonum tenue
Species trigeminum - Agonum trigeminum
No Taxon nutans group
Species aeruginosum - Agonum aeruginosum
Species nutans - Agonum nutans
Species striatopunctatum - Agonum striatopunctatum
Species octopunctatum - Agonum octopunctatum
No Taxon pallipes group
Species crenistriatum - Agonum crenistriatum
Species pallipes - Agonum pallipes
Species punctiforme - Agonum punctiforme
Species rigidulum - Agonum rigidulum
No Taxon quadrimaculatum group
Species quadrimaculatum - Agonum quadrimaculatum
Genus Platynus
No Taxon subgenus Microplatynus
No Taxon subgenus Platynus
Species brunneomarginatus - Platynus brunneomarginatus
Species daviesi - Platynus daviesi
Species decentis - Platynus decentis
Species opaculus - Platynus opaculus
Species ovipennis - Platynus ovipennis
Species parmarginatus - Platynus parmarginatus
Species tenuicollis - Platynus tenuicollis
Species trifoveolatus - Platynus trifoveolatus
No Taxon subgenus Batenus
Species angustatus - Platynus angustatus
Species cincticollis - Platynus cincticollis
Species hypolithos - Platynus hypolithos
Species mannerheimi - Platynus mannerheimii
No Taxon subgenus Glyptolenopsis
Species ovatulus - Platynus ovatulus
No Taxon subgenus Trapezodera
Species cohni - Platynus cohni
No Taxon subgenus Dyscolus
Species cazieri - Platynus cazieri
Species lyratus - Platynus lyratus
Species megalops - Platynus megalops
Species rufiventris - Platynus rufiventris
No Taxon subgenus Stenocnemion
Species acuminatus - Platynus acuminatus
Genus Metacolpodes
Species buchanani - Metacolpodes buchanani
Tribe Pseudomorphini
Genus Pseudomorpha - Western False-form Beetles
Species augustata - Pseudomorpha augustata
Species excrucians - Pseudomorpha excrucians
Species hubbardi - Pseudomorpha hubbardi
Species huachinera - Pseudomorpha huachinera
Tribe Sphodrini
Genus Calathus
Species advena - Calathus (Acalathus) advena
Species fuscipes - Calathus (Calathus) fuscipes
No Taxon subgenus Neocalathus
Species calceus - Calathus calceus
Species gregarius - Calathus gregarius
Species ingratus - Calathus ingratus
Species opaculus - Calathus opaculus
Species peropacus - Calathus peropacus
Species ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis
Subspecies grandicollis - Calathus ruficollis grandicollis
Subspecies ignicollis - Calathus ruficollis ignicollis
Subspecies ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis ruficollis
Genus Laemostenus
Species complanatus - Laemostenus (Laemostenus) complanatus
Species terricola - Laemostenus (Pristonychus) terricola
Genus Synuchus
Species impunctatus - Synuchus impunctatus
Species dubius - Synuchus dubius
Genus Pseudamara
Species arenaria - Pseudamara arenaria
Tribe Zuphiini
Genus Zuphium
Species americanum - Zuphium americanum
Species longicolle - Zuphium longicolle
Species magnum - Zuphium magnum
Species mexicanum - Zuphium mexicanum
Genus Pseudaptinus
Species deceptor - Pseudaptinus deceptor
Species lecontei - Pseudaptinus lecontei
Species tenuicollis - Pseudaptinus tenuicollis
Genus Thalpius
Species dorsalis - Thalpius dorsalis
Species hoegei - Thalpius hoegei
Species horni - Thalpius horni
Species nobilis - Thalpius nobilis
Species pygmaeus - Thalpius pygmaeus
Species rufulus - Thalpius rufulus
Species simplex - Thalpius simplex
Species undescribed-one - undescribed Thalpius sp. 1
Species undescribed-two - undescribed Thalpius sp. 2
Species undescribed-three - undescribed Thalpius sp. 3