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A new species of Nicoletiidae (Insecta: Zygentoma) from Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona
By L. Espinasa, R.B. Pape, A. Henneberry, C. Kinnear
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 74(1):82-89, 2012

A new genus of the subfamily Cubacubaninae (Insecta: Zygentoma:Nicoletiidae) from caves in south-central and southwestern USA
By L. Espinasa, S. Furst, T. Allen, M.E. Slay
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 72(3):161-168, 2010

Description of a new genus of cave Thysanuran from Texas (Nicoletiidae, Thysanura, Insecta)
By Wygodzinsky, P.
American Museum Novitates 2518:1-8, 1973

On J. Paclt's Nicoletiidae (Thysanura) in the "Genera Insectorum"
By Wygodzinsky, P.
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Sobre algunos "Nicoletiidae" americanos (Thysanura, Insecta)
By Wygodzinsky, P.
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A contribution to the subterranean fauna of Texas
By Ulrich, C.J.
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Materiali per lo studio dei Tisanuri. VI. Tre nuove specie di Nicoletia appartenti ad un nuovo sottogenere
By Silvestri, F.
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Occurrence of a new genus of troglobitic Nicoletiidae (Ins., Thysanura) in Mexico
By Paclt, J.
International Journal of Speleology 3:423-424, 1971