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unid tineid moth - Pyramidobela

unid tineid moth - Pyramidobela
Brackettville/Brackett High School, Kinney County, Texas, USA
November 17, 2012
any further ID help would be appreciated

Moved to Pyramidobela Undescribed Texas species
Moved from Gelechioidea.

Tentative ID as Pyramidobela sp. Note the orange tufts on the middle of the wings and the brushes on the palps. This looks like a match for three of the BOLD images of an unnamed species from Big Bend Texas shown here.

Moved from Clothes Moths.

0961.1 – Pyramidobela angelarum?
Or something close to it? Note the similarities of tufts and palps.

Pyramidobela angelarum feeds on Buddleia.

This looks like something in Gelechiidae to me. Is there something in Tineidae you were thinking it resembled?