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Species Chelifer cancroides - House Pseudoscorpion

The Pseudoscorpions of Illinois
Hoff, Clayton C. 1949. The Pseudoscorpions of Illinois. Bulletin / Illinois Natural History Survey 24:413-497.

A primer on pseudoscorpions and taxonomic status in Canada, by C. Buddle
General information on the order (morphology/anatomy, life history, ecology, taxonomy, collection and preservation, literature) and Canada faunal checklist that includes 26 spp. in 20 genera of 7 families.

Taylor S. (2009-2011) Pseudoscorpions
Up-to-date US faunal checklist, good images

Harvey, M.S. (2009). Pseudoscorpions of the World, version 1.2. Western Australian Museum, Perth
Maintained by Mark Harvey of the Western Australian Museum. I found out about this through an International Society of Arachnology email.

A comprehensive source of information on pseudoscorpions with a world catalog, a general description and excellent photo guide to families

From the home page:
Welcome. This website is designed to provide some basic information on the wonderful world of pseudoscorpions and, in particular, provide lists of valid names and a comprehensive list of the scientific literature that deal with pseudoscorpions. I would be grateful to receive any information that might be used to improve the website, in particular any errors or omissions that occur within the website.

International Society of Arachnology: Pseudoscorpions
A few pictures and dozens of links of interest.

Urban Integrated Pest Management: Pseudoscorpions

Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet: Pseudoscorpions
A few diagnostic drawings and natural history and control measures.

Arachnids of North Carolina