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Order Trombidiformes

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Chelicerata - Chelicerates
Class Arachnida - Arachnids
Subclass Acari - Mites and Ticks
Superorder Acariformes
Order Trombidiformes

Suborder Sphaerolichida
Suborder Prostigmata - Prostigs
Infraorder Anystina
No Taxon Parasitengona
No Taxon Erythraeina
Superfamily Calyptostomatoidea
Superfamily Erythraeoidea - Long-Legged Velvet Mites
Family Erythraeidae
Subfamily Abrolophinae
Genus Abrolophus
Subfamily Balaustiinae
Genus Balaustium - Sidewalk Mites
Subfamily Callidosomatinae
Subfamily Erythraeinae - long-legged erythraeids
Genus Augustsonella
Genus Curteria
Genus Erythraeus
Species tonsus - Erythraeus tonsus
Genus Erythraxus
Genus Lasioerythraeus
Genus Paraphanolophus
Subfamily Leptinae
Genus Leptus
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae on Host
Family Smarididae
Genus Clypeosoma
No Taxon Trombidiina
Superfamily Trombidioidea - Velvet Mites and Chiggers
Family Johnstonianidae
Family Microtrombidiidae - micro velvet mites
Family Neothrombiidae
Family Neotrombidiidae
Genus Neotrombidium
Species beeri - Neotrombidium beeri
Family Podothrombiidae - podothrombiids
Family Tanaupodidae
Family Trombiculidae - chiggers
Family Trombidiidae - true velvet mites
Genus Dinothrombium - giant velvet mites
Genus Allothrombium
Genus Trombidium
Family Trombellidae
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae on Host
No Taxon Hydrachnidia - Water Mites
Superfamily Arrenuroidea
Family Mideopsidae
Genus Mideopsis
Family Arrenuridae
Genus Arrenurus
Species problecornis - Arrenurus problecornis
Superfamily Eylaoidea
Family Limnocharidae
Genus Limnochares
Species americana - Limnochares americana
Genus Rhyncholimnochares
Family Eylaidae
Genus Eylais
Superfamily Hydrachnoidea
Family Hydrachnidae
Genus Hydrachna
Superfamily Hydryphantoidea
Superfamily Hygrobatoidea
Family Aturidae
Genus Aturus
Family Hygrobatidae
Genus Hygrobates
Family Limnesiidae
Genus Tyrrellia
Genus Limnesia
Family Pionidae
Genus Piona
Family Unionicolidae
Genus Neumania
Genus Unionicola
Genus Koenikea
Superfamily Lebertioidea
Family Lebertiidae
Genus Estelloxus
Genus Lebertia
Family Oxidae
Genus Oxus
Genus Frontipoda
Family Sperchontidae
Family Torrenticolidae - torrent mites
Family Stygothrombidiidae
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae on Host
No Taxon Anystae
Superfamily Adamystoidea
Family Adamystidae
Superfamily Anystoidea
Family Anystidae - Whirligig Mites
Subfamily Anystinae
Genus Anystis - Whirligig Mites
Species baccarum - Whirligig Mite
Family Erythracaridae
Family Teneriffiidae
Superfamily Caeculoidea
Family Caeculidae - Rake-Legged Mites
Genus Procaeculus
Genus Caeculus
Superfamily Pterygosomatoidea
Infraorder Eleutherengona
No Taxon Heterostigmata
Superfamily Tarsonemoidea
Family Podapolipidae
Genus Chrysomelobia
Species labidomerae - Chrysomelobia labidomerae
Family Tarsonemidae
Genus Polyphagotarsonemus
Species latus - Broad Mite
No Taxon Raphignathina
Superfamily Raphignathoidea
Family Stigmaeidae
Genus Zetzellia
Species mali - Yellow Predatory Mite
Genus Eustigmaeus
Family Camerobiidae
Superfamily Cheyletoidea
Family Demodecidae - Follicle mites
Genus Demodex - Follicle mites
Species canis - Demodex canis
Family Cheyletidae
Superfamily Tetranychoidea
Family Tetranychidae - Spider Mites
Subfamily Tetranychinae
Genus Oligonychus
Species ununguis - Spruce Spider Mite
Genus Panonychus
Species citri - Citrus Red Mite
Species ulmi - European Red Mite
Genus Tetranychus
Species urticae - Twospotted Spider Mite
Genus Eurytetranychus
Species buxi - Boxwood spider mite
Subfamily Bryobiinae
Genus Petrobia
Species harti - Petrobia harti
Genus Bryobia
Family Tenuipalpidae
Superfamily Eriophyoidea
Family Eriophyidae - Gall mites
Genus Acalitus
Species brevitarsus - Acalitus brevitarsus
Species ferrugineum - Acalitus ferrugineum
Species phloeocoptes - Almond and plum bud gall mite
Species ruelliae - Acalitus ruelliae
Genus Aceria
Species aceris - Aceria aceris
Species baccharices - Aceria baccharices
Species baccharipha - Baccharis Leaf Blister Mite
Species brachytarsus - Aceria brachytarsus
Species calaceris - Aceria calaceris
Species campestricola - Aceria campestricola
Species caryae - Pecan Leaf Roll Mite
Species caulis - Aceria caulis
Species celtis - Aceria celtis
Species cephalanthi - Aceria cephalanthi
Species chondrillae - Skeletonweed Gall Mite
Species cinereae - Aceria cinereae
Species dina - Aceria dina
Species elongata - Aceria elongata
Species erinea - Walnut Erineum Mite
Species fraxini - Aceria fraxini
Species fraxiniflora - Ash Flower Gall Mite
Species lantanae - Aceria lantanae
Species mackiei - Aceria mackiei
Species negundi - Aceria negundi
Species nyssae - Aceria nyssae
Species paracalifornica - Aceria paracalifornica
Species parapopuli - Poplar Bud Gall Mite
Species parulmi - Elm Fingergall Mite
Species theospyri - Aceria theospyri
Species trichophila - Aceria trichophila
Species trinema - Aceria trinema
Species triplacis - Aceria triplacis
Species vaga - Aceria vaga
Genus Aculops
Species aenigma - Aculops aenigma
Species ailanthii - Aculops ailanthii
Species cannabicola - Hemp Russet Mite
Species euphorbicolus - Aculops euphorbicolus
Species rhois - Poison Ivy Leaf Gall Mite
Species tetanothrix - Willow Bead Gall Mite
Genus Aculus
Species minutissimus - Aculus minutissimus
Genus Eriophyes
Species betulae - Eriophyes betulae
Species cerasicrumena - Eriophyes cerasicrumena
Species emarginatae - Eriophyes emarginatae
Species leiosoma - Eriophyes leiosoma
Species lepidosparti - Scalebroom Bud Mite
Species mali - Apple Leaf Blister Mite
Species neoessigi - Cottonwood Catkingall Mite
Species prunidemissae - Eriophyes prunidemissae
Species tiliae - Eriophyes tiliae
Species pyri - Eriophyes pyri
Genus Phyllocoptes
Species didelphis - Phyllocoptes didelphis
Genus Phytoptus
Species laevis - Alder Beadgall Mite
Genus Vasates
Species aceriscrumena - Maple Spindlegall Mite
Species quadripedes - Maple Bladdergall Mite
Family Phytoptidae
Genus Trisetacus
Species ramosus - Trisetacus ramosus
Infraorder Eupodina
Superfamily Bdelloidea
Family Cunaxidae - Predatory Mites
Subfamily Cunaxinae
Subfamily Cunaxoidinae
Family Bdellidae - Snout Mites
Subfamily Bdellinae
Genus Bdella
Subfamily Cytinae
Genus Cyta
Subfamily Odontoscirinae
Genus Bdellodes
Genus Neomolgus
Species littoralis - Neomolgus littoralis
Subfamily Spinibdellinae
Superfamily Halacaroidea
Superfamily Eupodoidea
Family Cocceupodidae
Genus Linopodes
Family Eupodidae
Genus Eupodes
Family Penthaleidae - Earth Mites
Genus Penthaleus - Blue Oat Mites
Species major - winter grain mites
Family Rhagidiidae
Superfamily Tydeoidea
Family Ereynetidae
Genus Riccardoella
Subfamily Riccardoellinae
Subfamily Ereynetinae
Genus Pseudotydeus
Genus Ereynetes
Genus Hydrantes
Subfamily Speleognathinae
Family Tydeidae
Infraorder Labidostommatina