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Confrontation - Dysdera crocata

Confrontation - Dysdera crocata
Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey, USA
December 6, 2012
Size: 1 in
So here's what happens when two of these meet up. They tensely embrace each other in a tangle of legs. It seems like they're more attempting to figure out who's bigger/stronger than actually trying to kill each other, but I could definitely hear the sound of fangs grinding together. When they're finished (usually about 20-30 seconds later) they release each other and slowly back away, the losing spider's legs twitching. It's weird. Then they just sit there for a minute until they slowly back away from each other and go their separate ways.

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Pissed Woodlouse Spider - Dysdera crocata Fangs - Dysdera crocata Confrontation - Dysdera crocata Three Way Standoff - Dysdera crocata Agression  - WL Spider Biting Paperclip - Dysdera crocata

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I've placed this image on the info page. Thanks!

no thank YOU! But..
I'm pretty sure they're fighting, not mating... I could literally hear their fangs scraping together, and it seemed like they were trying to bite each other. Also, aren't they both females? I don't really know the difference for woodlouse spiders but they looked exactly the same to me...

One on the right
They might be fighting but it does look like a male & female. I'm guessing the male is on the right. I think I see enlarged palps on that one, but I could be mistaken. I'll change the info page wording just to be safe.

I added another picture
with 3 of them this time! The 3 biggest I've found. I thought that keeping a few as pets would help me get over my fear of them (imagine turning over a small rock and having your finger resting its face!). It didn't really help, but I guess its helped me admire them a bit more.

Anyway, the one on the left of this picture is to the right of the picture I just added. But I can't remember which one the other is.