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ID help needed - Apoda y-inversum

ID help needed - Apoda y-inversum
Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma, USA
August 7, 2006
Came to UV light at night

Moved from Apoda.

Moved from Moths.

Possibly 4667 Apoda y-inversum (dark form)
... the European A. limacodes has light and dark forms, the darker being the male. As far as I know that species does not occur in North America. The moth in your photo appears to be Apoda y-inversum with the median area filled in with black. I have never seen such a form before. There is also one N.A. Apoda (maxima) that I have never seen, so there is a possibility that it might be that species. If Dennis Profant see this he may be able to help, but he might be in Florida at the moment.

y-inversum DOES show occasion
y-inversum DOES show occasional dark forms like this, and you are probably right Bob. I must admit, I have been corrected by the experts for lumping all marked specimens like this into flexuosa instead of y-inversum. Tortricidia flexuosa more commonly shows this form. Size has since proved pretty reliable to me. Spread specimens of flexuosa are only 20mm across, y-inversum is 25-30mm. Without having it in hand I can't be sure. Plus it's a western specimen, which leaves even a bigger question mark.

Thanks Bob. I actually found
Thanks Bob. I actually found what I identified as Apoda y-inversum here Aug 18. Photo: