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A synopsis of the Chrysididae in America North of Mexico
By Bohart R.M., Kimsey L.S.
Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 33: 1-266, 1982
ISBN: 9992148454
Cite: 731471 with citation markup [cite:731471]

available at JSTOR

link seems to point to a shorter article published in a different year...

my bad
no one ever said I could read...
The longer paper is available for purchase though AEI at
I created a separate "book" entry for the shorter paper (1)

Great -
thanks! I plan to order this longer Memoirs article from AEI - they still have it in stock.

I emailed the contact on the link but have not received a quote. Were you able to obtain a copy?

There is -
very spotty communication from the AEI on obtaining these publications - I think they must be understaffed? I usually hear back eventually, but it can take months...

I suspect that
Dr. Wahl handles all of the purchase request himself

you're welcome
thanks for pointing out the incorrect link