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UID tiny leaping insect/bug - Ptenothrix undescribed

UID tiny leaping insect/bug - Ptenothrix undescribed
Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
December 27, 2012
Size: ~1.5mm
Found numerous individuals crawling on the carcass of a dead frog and in the surrounding moss. They jump when disturbed. The location is within 50 ft of a pond and was still damp from recent rain. Later noticed more individuals, all in damp moss. Image taken 2:40pm, temperature about 45.


Ptenothrix sp.
Not Dicyrtoma. Given your other uploaded images.


sorry i didn't realize...
...that the shore patch is home to such a rich dicyrtomid fauna

Moved from Dicyrtoma possibly-undescribed.

Moved from Dicyrtoma.


Dicyrtomidae: Dicyrtoma sp. nov.
IMHO, it is a new species. New to the USA (possibly introduced) or else new to science.

Looks like a springtail to me, though I can't say what kind. They jump by flicking their "tails", hence the name

That was fast!
Thank you. I had no idea where to start.

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