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Ants - Pogonomyrmex

Ants - Pogonomyrmex
Rozel Point, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
September 6, 2012
Not sure if these pics should be submitted separately as two individuals are shown, but I figured they were the same species. These two were working valiantly to drag their prize back to the nest.

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Ants - Pogonomyrmex Ants - Pogonomyrmex Ants - Pogonomyrmex

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Probably P. occidentalis, but also could be the closely related P. salinus

Pogonomyrmex sp.?
Looks like something in Pogonomyrmex to me. Antweb lists 9 species for Utah, but I don't think I'd want to guess which of 3 of those without side views or a really detailed face shot.

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It's okay to link these. According to the Help section, "Only images of the same specimen or group of specimens should be linked together." This would be a two-specimen "group." :)

Thanks Ken,
I missed that about the group!