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Mystery wasp or bee on Jamesia americana - Nomada

Mystery wasp or bee on Jamesia americana - Nomada
6 miles NW Lyons, Boulder County, Colorado, USA
June 12, 2009
Size: BL ~ 9.5 mm
This wasp is quite similar to #736562. It is smaller at 9.5 mm. The vertex and thorax at least dorsally are more punctate than hairy. It has less red and so is more black and yellow. The knobs on the dorsal of the thorax are yellow rather than red. The eyes are rimmed with yellow. (In #736562 they seem to be rimmed with black.) Venation seems similar to the first wasp.

Moved from Nomad Bees.

Nomada edwardsii species group
Thanks so much for identifying to a species group, Dr. Ascher. Your help is much appreciated.

Moved from ID Request.

Thank you, Keng-Lou James, for confirming the ID and moving these Nomadas. It's much appreciated!

My pleasure :)
You always get such great photos!

and maybe another Nomada?

3 Nomadas!
Thanks so much for helping ID this Nomada and the previous one. I really thought all three would be in the same group, but I had no idea what group it would be. Nomadas are proving to be quite diverse here.

Diverse and difficult!
Very few good resources exist for Nomada species, so it'll be a while until we get a better understanding of them!