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Dytiscidae, dorsal - Celina angustata

Dytiscidae, dorsal - Celina angustata
100 Acre Wood, Winneshiek County, Iowa, USA
June 18, 2012
Size: 4 mm
Black light

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Dytiscidae, dorsal - Celina angustata Dytiscidae, lateral - Celina angustata

Moved from Celina.

Thank you

i keep flipping them 'the book way'...
i do believe beetles are much more recognizable in the 'upright' position
[maybe it's just me, but the dorsal habitus images are oriented this way in all the taxonomic literature i am familiar with]
Moved from Predaceous Diving Beetles.

Sorry, sorry..
for older folks, old habits are hard to break.

This one would be great to determine to species in part because the Iowa list (as far as I know) just says Celina sp. If anyone is so inclined, I can send it.

we have several great aquatic entomologists on BG
i'll ask around, hope someone is willing to examine a voucher specimen