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Asilidae & Syrphidae snippets

Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
No Taxon (pics in gallery of the Spencer Entomological Collection)
No Taxon (snippets)
No Taxon Asilidae & Syrphidae snippets
[i]Amblyonychus[/i] Hermann 1921 a single species in our area, 16 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Atomosiella[/i] Wilcox 1937 monotypic genus[cite:590941]
[i]Bohartia[/i] Hull 1958 6 spp. in our area, 7 total[cite:590941]
[i]Bromleyus[/i] Hardy 1944 monotypic genus[cite:590941]
[i]Dasypogon[/i] Meigen 1803 a single species in our area, 60 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Dicranus[/i] Loew 1851 a single species in our area, 5 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Nannodioctria[/i] Wilcox & Martin 1942 2 spp. in our area, 4 total[cite:590941]
[i]Orrhodops[/i] Hull 1958 a single species in our area, 2 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Perasis[/i] Hermann 1906 a single species in our area, 11 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Prolatiforceps[/i] Martin 1975 2 spp. in our area, 9 total[cite:590941]
[i]Rhadiurgus[/i] Loew 1849 a single species in our area, 2 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Stilpnogaster[/i] Loew 1849 a single species in our area, 5 spp. total[cite:590941]
[i]Willistonina[/i] Back 1909 monotypic genus[cite:590941]
Neplas Porter 1927 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Hiatomyia Shannon 1922 21 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
sg Arctosyrphus Frey 1918 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
sg Eurimyia Bigot 1883 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
sg Lunomyia Curran & Fluke 1926 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Lepidomyia Loew 1864 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
[sg Chamaesyrphus Mik 1895 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)]
[sg Pelecocera Meigen 1822 2 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)]
sg Ameroxylota Hippa 1978 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Sterphoides Hippa 1978 4 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Dideomima Vockeroth 1969 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
sg Heringia Rondani 1856 5 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
sg Neocnemodon Goffe 1944 24 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Leucopodella Hull 1949 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Trichopsomyia Williston 1888 9 spp. in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Xanthandrus Verrall 1901 a single species in our area(1) Taxon page(1)
Ablautus arnaudi Wilcox 1966 CA|Mexico BCF(2)
Ablautus basini Wilcox 1966 CA NV OR(2)
Ablautus californicus Wilcox 1935 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Ablautus coachellus Wilcox 1966 CA AZ |Mexico BCF(2)
Ablautus colei Wilcox 1966 WA OR(2)
Ablautus coquilletti Wilcox 1935 CA AZ NV NM? UT |Mexico BCF SON(2)
Ablautus flavipes Coquillett 1904 CA AZ NM UT |Mexico BCF SON(2)
Ablautus linsleyi Wilcox 1966 CA(2)
Ablautus mimus mimus (Osten-Sacken 1877) CA ssp squamipes Cole 1924 AZ CA NM UT CO|Mexico BCF(2)
Ablautus rubens Coquillett 1904 WA(2)
Ablautus schlingeri Wilcox 1966 CA(2)
Ablautus trifarius Loew 1866 CA|Mexico?(2)
Albibarbefferia albibarbis (Macquart 1838) ON BC|WA-CA ID NV MT WY UT AZ CO NM ND SD KS OK TX MN IA MO AR LA WI IL MS MI IN KY TN AL OH WV VA NC SC GA FL PA NY VT NH ME MA CT NJ DE MD DC RI |to Venezuela(2)
Albibarbefferia armatus (Hine 1918) TX |Mexico? TAM?(2)
Albibarbefferia bicolor (Bellardi 1861) CA AZ NM TX UT LA MS|Mexico(2)
Albibarbefferia duncani Wilcox 1966 AZ|Mexico(2)
Albibarbefferia grandis (Hine 1919) TX CA? |Mexico? TAM?(2)
Albibarbefferia leucocomus (Williston 1885) KS TX OK CO(2)
Albibarbefferia peralta (Wilcox 1966) CA|Mexico BCF(2)
Albibarbefferia tagax (Williston 1885) AZ TX? NM?(2)
Albibarbefferia vertebrata (Bromley 1940) CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Albibarbefferia zonata (Hine 1919) AZ OR CA NV UT NM OK(2)
Amblyonychus trapezoidalis (Bellardi 1861) TX|to Peru(2)
Andrenosoma corallia Martin 1966 TX|Mexico OAX BCS CHS(2)
Andrenosoma cruentum (Mcatee 1919) FL |CUB(2)
Apachekolos confusio Martin 1957 AZ(2)
Apachekolos crinitus Martin 1957 NM AZ CA |Mexico BCF BCS SON(2)
Apachekolos tenuipes (Loew 1862) DC OK AR TN VA DE TX LA MS AL GA FL SC NC MD IL?(2)
Apachekolos weslacensis (Bromley 1951) TX(2)
Aridefferia apache (Wilcox 1966) AZ UT NM(2)
Aridefferia arida (Williston 1893) CA NV UT OR(2)
Aridefferia basingeri (Wilcox 1966) NV CA OR UT(2)
Aridefferia coulei (Wilcox 1966) BC|WA(2)
Aridefferia cuervana (Hardy 1943) NM(2)
Aridefferia harveyi (Hine 1919) BC|CA OR WA UT(2)
Aridefferia pinali (Wilcox 1966) AZ(2)
Aridefferia prattii (Hine 1919) TX(2)
Aridefferia snowi (Hine 1919) KS CO NM TX OK SD? |Mexico(2)
Aridefferia subarida (Bromley 1940) AZ NM UT TX(2)
Aridefferia subpilosa (Schaeffer 1916) UT CA NV NM(2)
Aridefferia tolandi (Wilcox 1966) CA NV(2)
Asilus auricomus Hine 1909 OH NJ CT IL PA MI IN NY VT MA NH ME WV CT(2)
Asilus carolinae Martin & Wilcox 1965 NC SC(2)
Asilus citus Hine 1918 AZ(2)
Asilus delicatula Hine 1918 NM OK TX NV? CA? |Mexico CHA(2)
Asilus fattigi Bromley 1940 GA FL(2)
Asilus frosti Bromley 1950 FL SC GA(2)
Asilus hubbelli Bromley 1950 FL(2)
Asilus humilis Bellardi 1861 AZ TX |Mexico SIL CHS(2)
Asilus piceus (Hine 1909) MA MI OH NH CT(2)
Asilus platyceras (Hine 1922) BC?|WA OR CA(2)
Asilus sackeni Banks 1920 CA OR(2)
Atomosia echemon (Walker 1849) OH(2)
Atomosia glabrata (Say 1823) IL IN OH PA MA VA TN AR TX MD SD?(2)
Atomosia mucidoides Bromley 1951 TX(2)
Atomosia pusilla Macquart 1838 WY KS MO PA LA SD?(2)
Atomosiella antennata (Banks 1920) AZ CA NV NM TX |Mexico BCF BCS(2)
Backomyia anomala Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Backomyia hannai Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Backomyia limpidipennis (Wilcox 1936) NM WY(2)
Backomyia schlingeri Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Backomyia seminoensis Lavigne 1971 WY(2)
Beameromyia bifida (Hardy 1942) AZ CA(2)
Beameromyia chrysops Martin 1957 FL AL GA |JAM?(2)
Beameromyia disfascia Martin 1957 NJ OH NY MA VA MD GA FL LA(2)
Beameromyia floridensis (Johnson 1913) FL GA SC NC VA(2)
Beameromyia kawiensis Martin 1957 KS(2)
Beameromyia lacinia Martin 1957 AZ CA NM(2)
Beameromyia lunula Martin 1957 AZ(2)
Beameromyia macula Martin 1957 AZ |Mexico COA(2)
Beameromyia monticola Martin 1957 AZ(2)
Beameromyia occidentis (Hardy 1942) AZ NM(2)
Beameromyia pictipes (Loew 1862) IL KS MO IN OH PA IA MD DC(2)
Beameromyia prairiensis Martin 1957 KS(2)
Beameromyia punicea Martin 1957 AZ |Mexico?(2)
Beameromyia silvacola Martin 1957 NM AZ(2)
Beameromyia vulgaris Martin 1957 DC IN OH PA NJ KY TN AL GA FL SC NC VA MD WV(2)
Blepharepium priapus Papavero & Bernardi 1973 AZ(2)
Bohartia bromleyi Hull 1958 NV(2)
Bohartia isabella Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA NV(2)
Bohartia martini Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA WA OR ID AZ NV WY(2)
Bohartia munda Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Bohartia nitor Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Bohartia tenuis Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 AZ(2)
Bromleyus flavidorsus Hardy 1944 AZ(2)
Callinicus vittatus Wilcox 1936 CA(2)
Carinefferia caliente (Wilcox 1966) CA AZ NV |Mexico(2)
Carinefferia costalis (Williston 1885) AB SK|NM TX UT AZ CO ID WY MT AZ ND SD KS?(2)
Carinefferia cressoni (Hine 1919) NM AZ CO TX WY |Mexico(2)
Carinefferia jubata (Williston 1885) NM AZ CO WY(2)
Carinefferia ordwayae (Wilcox 1966) AZ NM TX?(2)
Carinefferia prolificus (Osten-Sacken 1887) AZ NM(2)
Carinefferia subcuprea (Schaeffer 1916) AB|AZ MT NV UT CO NM WY CA?(2)
Carinefferia willistoni (Hine 1919) AZ CO NM TX UT |Mexico(2)
Ceraturgus cornutus (Wiedemann 1828) AR TN FLMS AL(2)
Ceraturgus elizabethae Brimley 1924 NC IN KY(2)
Ceraturgus johnsoni Martin 1965 FL(2)
Ceraturgus mabelae Brimley 1924 NC(2)
Ceraturgus nigripes Williston 1886 GA NC FL(2)
Ceraturgus oklahomensis (Bromley 1934) OK(2)
Ceraturgus similis Johnson 1912 MA VT PA NY(2)
Cerotainia atrata Jones 1907 NE(2)
Cerotainiops kernae Martin 1959 CA(2)
Cerotainiops lucyae Martin 1959 TX NM CA(2)
Cerotainiops mcclayi Martin 1959 CA(2)
Cerotainiops wilcoxi Pritchard 1942 AZ CA NV |Mexico(2)
Choerades gilva (Linnaeus 1758) NS-NT-YT-BC |CA-WA CO AZ PA OR ID MT MY ND SD NE MN IA WI MI NY VT ME |Europe to Japan(2)
Coleomyia crumborum Martin 1953 CA(2)
Coleomyia hinei Wilcox & Martin 1935 BC|OR ID MT(2)
Coleomyia rainieri Wilcox & Martin 1935 WA(2)
Coleomyia rubida Martin 1953 OR WA(2)
Coleomyia sculleni Wilcox & Martin 1935 OR CA?(2)
Coleomyia setigera (Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919) OR WA CA(2)
Comantella cristata (Coquillett 1893) CA(2)
Comantella fallei (Back 1909) AB|CO WY NE UT(2)
Comantella rotgeri James 1937 AB|CO NM UT AZ(2)
Cophura albosetosa Hine 1908 BC|WA OR UT(2)
Cophura ameles Pritchard 1943 NM(2)
Cophura caca Pritchard 1943 NM(2)
Cophura clausa (Coquillett 1893) CA(2)
Cophura dammersi Wilcox 1965 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Cophura dora Pritchard 1943 NE AZ CA NV TX UT NM KS?(2)
Cophura ferugsoni Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Cophura fisheri Wilcox 1965 CA AZ NV(2)
Cophura fur (Williston 1885) AZ CA NV(2)
Cophura getzendaneri Wilcox 1959 CA AZ |Mexico BCF(2)
Cophura hennei Wilcox & Martin 1945 CA(2)
Cophura hesperia (Pritchard 1935) AZ(2)
Cophura hurdi Hull 1960 CA(2)
Cophura lutzi Curran 1931 CO AZ NM TX OK(2)
Cophura pollinosa Curran 1930 AZ UT NM TX? KS? |Mexico? SON?(2)
Cophura powersi Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Cophura rozeni Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Cophura scitula (Williston 1883) BC|WA OR UT(2)
Cophura sculleni Wilcox 1937 AZ NM TX(2)
Cophura sodalis Osten-Sacken 1887 AZ NM? TX? |Mexico(2)
Cophura stylosa Curran 1931 OK CO KS TX(2)
Cophura tanbarki Wilcox 1965 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Cophura texana Bromley 1934 TX OK(2)
Cophura timberlakei Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Cophura trunca (Coquillett 1893) CA(2)
Cophura vanduzeei Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Cophura vera (Pritchard 1935) AZ(2)
Cophura vitripennis (Curran 1927) BC|MT ID WY(2)
Cyrtopogon ablautoides Melander 1923 BC|WA UT CO?(2)
Cyrtopogon albifacies Johnson 1942 UT(2)
Cyrtopogon albifrons Wilcox & Martin 1936 ID OR(2)
Cyrtopogon albovarians Curran 1924 AB(2)
Cyrtopogon aldrichi Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA(2)
Cyrtopogon alleni Back 1909 QC NBK|NH MA NC VA SC GA(2)
Cyrtopogon anomalus Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919 BC|OR WA NV CA ID(2)
Cyrtopogon aurifex Osten-Sacken 1877 BC AB|CA WA OR(2)
Cyrtopogon auripilosus Wilcox & Martin 1936 WA OR(2)
Cyrtopogon banksi Wilcox & Martin 1936 YT BC|WA OR CA ID WY UT CO(2)
Cyrtopogon basingeri Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Cyrtopogon beameri Wilcox & Martin 1936 AZ(2)
Cyrtopogon bigelowi Curran 1924 ON QC(2)
Cyrtopogon caesius Melander 1923 WA OR WY ID CA(2)
Cyrtopogon chagnoni Curran 1939 QC(2)
Cyrtopogon curtipennis Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA(2)
Cyrtopogon curtistylus Curran 1923 UT OR NV ID MT CA(2)
Cyrtopogon cymbalista Osten-Sacken 1877 CA NV(2)
Cyrtopogon dasylloides Williston 1883 BC|WA OR CA ID NY? UT(2)
Cyrtopogon distinctitarsus Adisoemarto 1967 AB(2)
Cyrtopogon dubius Williston 1883 BC|WA OR(2)
Cyrtopogon fumipennis Wilcox & Martin 1936 BC Y|WA ID WY UT T(2)
Cyrtopogon glarealis Melander 1923 AB BC YT|WA OR CA ID MT WY CO(2)
Cyrtopogon idahoensis Wilcox & Martin 1936 ID UT CO(2)
Cyrtopogon infuscatus Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919 BC|OR WA CA MT WY NV ID(2)
Cyrtopogon leptotarsus Curran 1923 ON(2)
Cyrtopogon leucozona Loew 1874 CA(2)
Cyrtopogon lineotarsus Curran 1923 BC AB|MT WA ID(2)
Cyrtopogon longimanus Loew 1874 CA(2)
Cyrtopogon maculipennis (Macquart 1834) ON Europe(2)
Cyrtopogon montanus Wilcoxi James 1942 COL WY(2)
Cyrtopogon nitidus Cole 1924 WA OR CA(2)
Cyrtopogon nugator Osten-Sacken 1877 BC|CA WA OR ID NM? CO AZ? SD?(2)
Cyrtopogon perspicax Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919 OR CA(2)
Cyrtopogon planitarsus Wilcox & Martin 1936 OR(2)
Cyrtopogon platycaudus Curran 1924 MB(2)
Cyrtopogon praepes Williston 1883 BC?|WA OR CA ID? NV?(2)
Cyrtopogon princeps Osten-Sacken 1877 BC|CA WA OR(2)
Cyrtopogon profusus Osten-Sacken 1877 NM CO KS UT(2)
Cyrtopogon pulcher Back 1909 CO UT AZ TX(2)
Cyrtopogon rainieri Wilcox & Martin 1936 WA OR CA(2)
Cyrtopogon rattus Osten-Sacken 1877 CA OR NV CO(2)
Cyrtopogon rejectus Osten-Sacken 1877 CA WA OR ID NV CO?(2)
Cyrtopogon rufotarsus Back 1909 MT OR UT CO(2)
Cyrtopogon sabroskyi Lavigne & Bullington 1981 WY(2)
Cyrtopogon sansoni Curran 1923 AB BC(2)
Cyrtopogon semitarius Melander 1923
Cyrtopogon stenofrons Wilcox & Martin 1936 NM AZ UT(2)
Cyrtopogon swezeyi Wilcox & Martin 1936 UT WA NV(2)
Cyrtopogon tenuis Bromley 1924 ME(2)
Cyrtopogon thompsoni Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919 OR UT(2)
Cyrtopogon tibialis Coquillett 1904 AZ NM(2)
Cyrtopogon vanduzeei Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA WA OR(2)
Cyrtopogon vandykei Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Cyrtopogon varans Curran 1923 QC ON |MI(2)
Cyrtopogon vulneratus Melander 1923 NS–AB |MI(2)
Dasypogon quadrinotatus Bigot 1878 CA(2)
Dicolonus medius Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA NV(2)
Dicolonus nigricentrus Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 BC|ID OR ID WA(2)
Dicolonus pulchrum Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Dicolonus sparsipilosus Back 1909 MT CA CO UT(2)
Dicranus jaliscoensis Williston 1901 AZ|Mexico(2)
Dicropaltum mesae (Tucker 1907) AB BC|CO WA OR CA NM KS NV UT CO ID WY MT(2)
Dioctria henshawi Johnson 1918 BC|WA OR ID UT NV CA(2)
Dioctria vera Back 1909 CA NV UT CO AZ NM(2)
Dioctria wilcoxi Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Diogmites angustipennis Loew 1866 KS CO IL WY NE NM TX OK |Mexico(2)
Diogmites coloradensis (James 1933) CO AZ NM(2)
Diogmites contortus Bromley 1936 AZ CA(2)
Diogmites fragilis Bromley 1936 TX(2)
Diogmites herennius (Walker 1849) OH(2)
Diogmites perplexus (Back 1909) NM AZ CO |Mexico(2)
Diogmites pritchardi Bromley 1936 OK TX(2)
Diogmites rubrodorsatus Artigas 1966 GA(2)
Diogmites unicolor Hull 1958 AZ(2)
Echthodopa carolinensis Bromley 1951 NC(2)
Efferia anacapai (Wilcox & Martin 1945) CA(2)
Efferia anomala (Bellardi 1861) KS? TX AZ CA|Mexico(2)
Efferia antiochi Wilcox 1966 CA(2)
Efferia anza Forbes 1988 CA(2)
Efferia azteci Wilcox 1966 AZ CA(2)
Efferia bryanti Wilcox 1966 AZ(2)
Efferia candida Coquillett 1893 CA AZ NM KS? OK? |Mexico(2)
Efferia completa (Macquart 1838) TX |Mexico(2)
Efferia davisi Wilcox 1966 AZ NV NM UT |Mexico(2)
Efferia gila Wilcox 1966 AZ(2)
Efferia halli Wilcox 1966 CA(2)
Efferia imperialis Forbes 1988 CA AZ |Mexico SON(2)
Efferia incognita Forbes 1987 TX NM |Mexico CHA(2)
Efferia kondratieffi Bullington & Lavigne 1984 VA PA MD NJ NY(2)
Efferia luna Wilcox 1966 NM KS TX(2)
Efferia macroxipha Forbes 1988 CA(2)
Efferia neosimilis Forbes 1987 AZ NM(2)
Efferia pernicis Coquillett 1893 CA AZ UT NV(2)
Efferia tricella (Bromley 1951) AZ NM |Mexico SON(2)
Eucyrtopogon albibarbus Curran 1923 SK AB SK |MT CA NV OR?(2)
Eucyrtopogon calcaratus Curran 1923 AB BC|WA(2)
Eucyrtopogon comantis Curran 1923 BC AB|WY CO UT(2)
Eucyrtopogon diversipilosis Curran 1923 BC AB YT(2)
Eucyrtopogon incompletus Adisoemarto 1967 AB(2)
Eucyrtopogon kelloggi Wilcox 1936 NM(2)
Eucyrtopogon maculosus (Coquillett 1904) WA(2)
Eucyrtopogon nebulo (Osten-Sacken 1877) BC AB YT|CA WA OR NV WY ID UT?(2)
Eucyrtopogon nigripes (Jones 1907) NE(2)
Eucyrtopogon punctipennis (Melander 1923) BC|ID WA(2)
Eucyrtopogon spiniger Curran 1923 BC NT AB(2)
Eucyrtopogon varipennis (Coquillett 1904) BC|WA CA(2)
Eudioctria beameri (Wilcox & Martin 1941) CA(2)
Eudioctria brevis (Banks 1917) NY NJ OH NC MA PA TN NC KY VA WV NH(2)
Eudioctria denuda (Wilcox & Martin 1941) CA(2)
Eudioctria disjuncta Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 TX(2)
Eudioctria dissimilis Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Eudioctria doanei (Melander 1923) CA(2)
Eudioctria monrovia (Wilcox & Martin 1941) CA(2)
Eudioctria unica Adisoemarto & Wood 1975 CA(2)
Hadrokolos cazieri Martin 1959 TX(2)
Hadrokolos pritchardi Martin 1959 OK NM KS?(2)
Haplopogon bullatus (Bromley 1934) TX |Mexico COA(2)
Haplopogon dicksoni Wilcox 1966 AZ CA(2)
Haplopogon erinus Pritchard 1941 AZ(2)
Haplopogon latus (Coquillett 1904) TX |Mexico NLE(2)
Haplopogon parkeri Wilcox 1966 AZ(2)
Haplopogon triangulatus Martin 1955 TX(2)
Haplopogon utahensis Wilcox 1966 UT(2)
Heteropogon arizonensis Wilcox 1941 AZ UT(2)
Heteropogon cazieri Wilcox 1965 AZ NM(2)
Heteropogon chircahua Wilcox 1965 AZ NM(2)
Heteropogon currani Pritchard 1935 OK(2)
Heteropogon divisus (Coquillett 1902) AZ NM|Mexico NHA(2)
Heteropogon fisheri Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Heteropogon johnsoni (Back 1904) CO AZ NM TX(2)
Heteropogon ludius (Coquillett 1893) CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Heteropogon maculinervis James 1937 CO AZ UT MT NV WY(2)
Heteropogon martini Wilcox 1965 NV CA OR UT CO(2)
Heteropogon paurosomus Pritchard 1935 AZ |Mexico SON SIL(2)
Heteropogon rubidus (Coquillett 1893) CA(2)
Heteropogon rubrifasciatus Bromley 1931 NC GA FL(2)
Heteropogon senilis (Bigot 1878) BC|CA OR WA UT SD?(2)
Heteropogon stonei Wilcox 1965 AZ NM UT(2)
Heteropogon tolandi Wilcox 1965 CA(2)
Heteropogon wilcoxi James 1934 AB|CO AZ NM WY IL?(2)
Hodophylax basingeri Pritchard 1938 CA AZ UT NV |Mexico?(2)
Hodophylax halli Wilcox 1961 CA(2)
Hodophylax tolandi Wilcox 1961 AZ NM |Mexico?(2)
Holopogon acropennis Martin 1959 NM AZ CO(2)
Holopogon albipilosus Curran 1923 BC AB SK MB|CA MN NV UT WY ID ND MT OR WA(2)
Holopogon appendiculatus Bigot 1878 CA(2)
Holopogon atrifrons Cole 1924 CA OR NV |Mexico BCF(2)
Holopogon atripennis Back 1909 NM AZ CO SD?(2)
Holopogon caesariatus Martin 1959 ID WA OR UT CA NV(2)
Holopogon crinitus Martin 1959 CA(2)
Holopogon currani Martin 1959 AZ NM NV UT |Mexico SON(2)
Holopogon guttulus (Wiedemann 1821) GA PA NJ TX FL VA NC SC AL MS LA SD?(2)
Holopogon mingusae Martin 1959 AZ UT?(2)
Holopogon nigripilosa Adisoemarto 1967 AB(2)
Holopogon nitidiventris Bigot 1878 CA(2)
Holopogon sapphirus Martin 1967 AZ NM(2)
Holopogon stellatus Martin 1959 BC|CA WA OR NV(2)
Holopogon umbrinus Back 1909 CA(2)
Holopogon vockerothi Martin 1959 ON MB QC |GA MN WI MI IL IN OH PA NY CT VT ME(2)
Holopogon wilcoxi Martin 1959 AZ UT NM(2)
Itolia atripes Wilcox 1949 AZ CA NV |Mexico BCF SON(2)
Itolia timberlakei Wilcox 1949 CA AZ |Mexico BCF(2)
Laphria aeatus Walker 1849 AB ON|MI ME NY PA SD?(2)
Laphria aimatis Mcatee 1919 AB BC|CA WA OR NV AZ NM ID CO?(2)
Laphria calvescenta Baker in Baker & Fischer 1975 MI(2)
Laphria carbonaria Snow 1896 CA NM?(2)
Laphria carolinensis Schiner 1867 NC SC(2)
Laphria fattigi (Bromley 1951) GA LA(2)
Laphria flavescens Macquart 1838 NC SC|Europe(2)
Laphria flavipila Macquart 1834 USA(2)
Laphria georgina Wiedemann 1821 GA(2)
Laphria lasipes Wiedemann 1828 KY(2)
Laphria melanogaster Wiedemann 1821 TX GA|Mexico(2)
Laphria milvina Bromley 1929 BC YT |OR WA WY CO(2)
Laphria nigella (Bromley 1934) TX LA(2)
Laphria rapax Osten-Sacken 1877 CA WA OR(2)
Laphria royalensis (Bromley 1950) QC NS|MI WI(2)
Laphria semitecta (Coquillett 1910) MB(2)
Laphria terraenovae Macquart 1838 NF(2)
Laphria vivax Williston 1883 BC AB YT|WA CA NM CO UT NV ID OR MT(2)
Laphystia albiceps (Macquart 1846) TX(2)
Laphystia annulata annulata Hull 1957
Laphystia bromleyi Wilcox 1960 OK AR(2)
Laphystia brookmani Wilcox 1960 CA(2)
Laphystia canadensis Curran 1927 MB |MT ND WY SD NE KS IA(2)
Laphystia cazieri Wilcox 1960 CA(2)
Laphystia confusa Curran 1927 OK WY TX(2)
Laphystia duncani Wilcox 1960 AZ CA NV(2)
Laphystia howlandi Wilcox 1960 CA AZ(2)
Laphystia jamesi Wilcox 1960 CA(2)
Laphystia laguna Wilcox 1960 TX(2)
Laphystia lanhami James 1941 CO NM(2)
Laphystia limatula Coquillett 1904 NM AZ(2)
Laphystia martini Wilcox 1960 CA AZ(2)
Laphystia opaca Coquillett 1904 TX LA |Mexico TAM VER(2)
Laphystia rubra Hull 1957 AZ UT CO(2)
Laphystia rufiventris Curran 1931 WY CO(2)
Laphystia rufofasciata Curran 1931 WY CO(2)
Laphystia sexfasciata (Say 1823) MO NE KS SD(2)
Laphystia sillersi Hull 1963 AZ |Mexico SON(2)
Laphystia snowi Wilcox 1960 KS(2)
Laphystia texensis Curran 1931 TX LA(2)
Laphystia tolandi Wilcox 1960 NV UT OR CA(2)
Laphystia torpida Hull 1957 CA(2)
Laphystia utahensis Wilcox 1960 UT AZ(2)
Laphystia varipes Curran 1931 OK NM TX KS |Mexico(2)
Lasiopogon albidus Cole & Wilcox 1938 WA UT OR(2)
Lasiopogon appalachensis Cannings 2002 WV KY TN(2)
Lasiopogon arenicola (Osten-Sacken 1877) CA(2)
Lasiopogon californicus Cole & Wilcox 1938 CA NV(2)
Lasiopogon canus Cole & Wilcox 1938 AB YT NT|AK(2)
Lasiopogon chaetosus Cole & Wilcox 1938 WA OR ID NV UT(2)
Lasiopogon chrysotus Cannings 2002 TN(2)
Lasiopogon coconino Cannings 2002 AZ NM(2)
Lasiopogon delicatulus Melander 1923 WA(2)
Lasiopogon dimicki Cole & Wilcox 1938 OR(2)
Lasiopogon flammeus Cannings 2002 NC(2)
Lasiopogon lavignei Cannings 2002 WY(2)
Lasiopogon marshalli Cannings 2002 VA(2)
Lasiopogon martinorum Cole & Wilcox 1938 WA(2)
Lasiopogon opaculus Loew 1874 ON|IL OH MD NC GA IA MI MS VA IN SC(2)
Lasiopogon pacificus Cole & Wilcox 1938 BC|OR WA(2)
Lasiopogon piestolophus Cannings 2002 AL(2)
Lasiopogon polensis Lavigne 1969 WY(2)
Lasiopogon primus Adisoemarto 1967 AB BC YT NT(2)
Lasiopogon pugeti Cole & Wilcox 1938 WA OR(2)
Lasiopogon ripicola Melander 1923 AB?|WA OR ID(2)
Lasiopogon schizopygus Cannings 2002 GA MS NC SC(2)
Lasiopogon shermanni Cole & Wilcox 1938 SC NC(2)
Lasiopogon testaceus Cole & Wilcox 1938 CA OR NV(2)
Lasiopogon trivittatus Melander 1923 AB|MT(2)
Lasiopogon woodorum Cannings 2002 OH DE IN MD VA(2)
Lasiopogon yukonensis Cole & Wilcox 1938 YT(2)
Lasiopogon zonatus Cole & Wilcox 1938 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Leptogaster aegra Martin 1957 NC SC MO FL |Mexico SLP(2)
Leptogaster altacola Martin 1957 AZ(2)
Leptogaster arborcola Martin 1957 AZ CA(2)
Leptogaster arenicola James 1937 CO NE(2)
Leptogaster arida Cole in Cole & Lovett 1919 AB BC|OR WA CA NV ID MT(2)
Leptogaster atridorsalis Back 1909 PA IN OH PA KY NC VA WV MD DE DC(2)
Leptogaster californica Martin 1957 CA(2)
Leptogaster carolinensis Schiner 1866 SC NC(2)
Leptogaster coloradensis James 1937 AB|CO MT SD NE KS WY(2)
Leptogaster crinita (Martin 1957) NM |Mexico(2)
Leptogaster cultaventris Martin 1957 CA WA OR(2)
Leptogaster eudicrana Loew 1874 TX AZ NV NM CO(2)
Leptogaster fornicata Martin 1957 BC|ID WA OR CA(2)
Leptogaster hesperis Martin 1957 AZ NM(2)
Leptogaster hirtipes Coquillett 1904 CO AZ NM(2)
Leptogaster incisuralis Loew 1862 IL MN NY TX GA PA SD? MD NJ DE DC WV VA NC SC WI IA MO AR LA MI IN KY TN MS OH AL KL(2)
Leptogaster lanata Martin 1957 UT ID AZ TX NM(2)
Leptogaster lerneri Curran 1953 FL|BAH(2)
Leptogaster nitoris Martin 1957 WA OR CA NV(2)
Leptogaster obscuripennis Johnson 1895 FL NC SC GA(2)
Leptogaster obscuripes Loew 1862 TX FL|CUB(2)
Leptogaster panda Martin 1957 KS(2)
Leptogaster parvoclava Martin 1957 NM WY?(2)
Leptogaster patula Martin 1957 AZ NM TX(2)
Leptogaster salvia Martin 1957 ID OR WY UT AZ(2)
Leptogaster schaefferi Back 1909 TX(2)
Leptogaster texana Bromley 1934 TX(2)
Leptopteromyia americana Hardy 1947 TX FL(2)
Lestomyia atripes Wilcox 1937 NM AZ UT(2)
Lestomyia fraudigera Williston 1883 CA(2)
Lestomyia montis Cole 1916 CA(2)
Lestomyia sabulona (Osten-Sacken 1877) AB? BC?|CA UT?(2)
Lestomyia unicolor Curran 1942 AZ(2)
Machimus adustus Martin 1975 AB|AZ WY UT CO NM(2)
Machimus autumnalis (Banks 1914) VA OH KY DC MD NC MI(2)
Machimus coleus Martin 1975 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Machimus delusus (Tucker 1907) AB|KS CO MT ID WY UT AZ(2)
Machimus floridensis (Bromley 1940) FL(2)
Machimus gilvipes Hine 1918 CO NM WY(2)
Machimus grantae Martin 1975 OR(2)
Machimus griseus Hine 1906 CO NV UT AZ NM TX(2)
Machimus johnsoni (Hine 1909) PA MD OK?(2)
Machimus longipenis Martin 1975 CA(2)
Machimus notialis Martin 1975 CA AZ(2)
Machimus polyphemi Bullington & Beck 1991 GA MS FL(2)
Machimus sestertius Martin 1975 OR CA; ssp davidsonae Martin 1975 AZ UT CO; ssp triton Martin 1975 CA(2)
Machimus stanfordae Martin 1975 CA(2)
Machimus tenebrosus (Williston 1901) AZ|Mexico(2)
Mallophora thompsoni Artigas & Angulo 1980 FL?|PAR?(2)
Megaphorus brunneus (Cole in Cole & Pritchard 1964) AZ(2)
Megaphorus guildianus (Williston 1885) KS MT NC WY CO NM UT OK OR? SD? |Mexico(2)
Megaphorus laphroides (Wiedemann 1828) KY NC SC GA AL FL VA PA(2)
Megaphorus lascruensis (Cole in Cole & Pritchard 1964) NM TX(2)
Megaphorus martinorum (Cole in Cole & Pritchard 1964) OR WA ID(2)
Megaphorus pallidus (Johnson 1958) UT(2)
Megaphorus pulchra (Pritchard 1935) NM CA NV UT AZ NM TX(2)
Megaphorus willistoni (Cole in Cole & Pritchard 1964) BC|CA OR NV UT AZ WA |Mexico(2)
Metadioctria resplendens (Loew 1872) CA NV(2)
Metapogon albula Melander 1924 WA ID(2)
Metapogon amargosae Wilcox 1972 NV AZ CA(2)
Metapogon carinatus Wilcox 1964 CA UT? |Mexico BCF(2)
Metapogon gibber (Williston 1883) CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Metapogon gilvipes Coquillett 1904 CA(2)
Metapogon holbrooki Wilcox 1964 AZ(2)
Metapogon hurdi Wilcox 1964 CA(2)
Metapogon obispae Wilcox 1972 CA(2)
Metapogon pictus Cole 1916 CA NV(2)
Metapogon tarsalus Wilcox 1964 CA(2)
Metapogon tricellus Wilcox 1964 CA NV |Mexico BCF(2)
Myelaphus lobicornis (Osten-Sacken 1877) BC|ID WA OR UT CO NV CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon antennatus Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon arnaudi Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon bruneri Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon cerussatus (Osten-Sacken 1877) CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon crumbi Wilcox & Martin 1957 AZ(2)
Nannocyrtopogon deserti Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon howlandi Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon jbeameri Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon lestomyiformis Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Nannocyrtopogon mingusi Wilcox & Martin 1957 AZ UT CA NV(2)
Nannocyrtopogon minutus Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon monrovia Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon neoculatus Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon nevadensis Wilcox & Martin 1957 NV CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon nigricolor (Coquillett 1904) CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon nitidus Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon oculatus Wilcox & Martin 1936 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon richardsoni Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon sequoia Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon stonei Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon timberlakei Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon tolandi Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannocyrtopogon vandykei Wilcox & Martin 1957 CA(2)
Nannodioctria albicornis (Wilcox & Martin 1941) CA(2)
Nannodioctria seminole (Bromley 1924) FL(2)
Negasilus aridalis (Adisoemarto 1967) AB SK(2)
Negasilus belli Curran 1934 AB SK|NV WA CA CO OR UT CO WY MT ND SD(2)
Negasilus cumbipilosus (Adisoemarto 1967) AB(2)
Negasilus gramalis (Adisoemarto 1967) AB(2)
Neoitamus affinis (Williston 1893) WA CA OR(2)
Neoitamus brevicomus (Hine 1909) BC |CA UT OR WA(2)
Neoitamus hardyi Bromley 1938 UT(2)
Neoitamus terminalis (Hine 1909) CA(2)
Neomochtherus albicomus (Hine 1909) MT ID OR CA NV UT(2)
Neomochtherus angustipennis (Hine 1909) NC MD VA OH(2)
Neomochtherus hypopygialis (Schaeffer 1916) UT WY(2)
Neomochtherus idahoae Martin 1975 ID(2)
Neomochtherus lassenae Martin 1975 CA(2)
Neomochtherus lepidus homonym (Hine 1909) CO NM UT AZ(2)
Neomochtherus montanus (Hine 1909) CA(2)
Neomochtherus olympiae Martin 1975 WA(2)
Neomochtherus oregonae Martin 1975 OR(2)
Nerax antiphon (Walker 1849) GA(2)
Nerax apicalis (Wiedemann 1821) GA TX LA MS AL FL SC NC(2)
Nerax aurimystaceus (Hine 1919) KS OK TX(2)
Nerax beameri (Wilcox 1966) TX(2)
Nerax belfragei (Hine 1919) TX OK?(2)
Nerax femoratus (Macquart 1838) SC NC LA FL GA(2)
Nerax kansensis (Hine 1919) KS OK TX(2)
Nerax macrolabis (Wiedemann 1828) KY(2)
Nerax prairiensis (Bromley 1934) TX KS OK(2)
Nerax slossonae (Hine 1919) FL(2)
Nerax stylatus (Fabricius 1775) FL |West Indies(2)
Nerax tabescens (Banks in Hine 1919) FL GA(2)
Nicocles abdominalis Williston 1883 CA UT?(2)
Nicocles argentatus Coquillett 1893 CA(2)
Nicocles bromleyi Hardy 1943 AZ |Mexico(2)
Nicocles canadensis Curran 1923 BC |WA OR CA(2)
Nicocles dives (Loew 1866) BC|CA WA OR NV(2)
Nicocles engelhardti Wilcox 1946 SC NC FL(2)
Nicocles lomae Cole 1916 CA(2)
Nicocles pollinosus Wilcox 1946 BC|MT CA(2)
Nicocles reinhardi Bromley 1934 TX(2)
Nicocles utahensis Banks 1920 AB BC|UT WA ID MT OR CA NV UT AZ(2)
Nigrasilus nitidifacies Hine 1908 BC(2)
Ommatius beameri Wilcox 1936 AZ NM|Mexico NAY JAL(2)
Ommatius bromleyi Pritchard 1935 AZ(2)
Ommatius maculatus Banks 1911 AZ(2)
Ommatius oklahomensis Bullington & Lavigne 1984 KS MO OK(2)
Ommatius pretiosus Banks 1911 AZ |Mexico JAL SIL(2)
Ommatius texanus Bullington & Lavigne 1984 TX(2)
Omninablautus nigripes (Wilcox 1966) CA AZ(2)
Omninablautus nigronotum (Wilcox 1935) OR CA NV UT ID(2)
Omninablautus tolandi (Wilcox 1966) CA AZ(2)
Orrhodops americanus (Curran 1930) AZ |Mexico SON SIL(2)
Orthogonis stygia (Bromley 1931) NC MS FL AR(2)
Ospriocerus aeacidinus (Williston 1886) KS MT WY CO NE KS OK TX |Mexico COA TAM(2)
Ospriocerus arizonensis (Bromley 1937) NM AZ |Mexico SON CHA(2)
Ospriocerus ebyi (Bromley 1937) TX(2)
Ospriocerus galadae Martin 1968 TX(2)
Ospriocerus minos Osten-Sacken 1887 CO AZ NM UT TX |Mexico SON CHA DUR(2)
Ospriocerus nitens (Coquillett 1904) TX |Mexico TAM(2)
Ospriocerus parksi Bromley 1934 TX(2)
Ospriocerus pumilus (Coquillett 1904) TX KS OK(2)
Ospriocerus rhadamanthus Loew 1866 NM KS TX |Mexico NLE(2)
Ospriocerus tenebrosus (Coquillett 1904) TX NM |Mexico CHA NLE(2)
Ospriocerus tinkhami (Bromley 1951) TX(2)
Ospriocerus villus Martin 1968 TX(2)
Parataracticus cuyamus Wilcox 1967 CA(2)
Parataracticus melanderi Wilcox 1967 AZ TX(2)
Parataracticus niger Martin 1955 CA |Mexico BCF(2)
Parataracticus rubidus Cole 1924 CA(2)
Perasis argentifacies (Williston 1901) AZ?|Mexico?(2)
Philonicus arizonensis (Williston 1893) AZ(2)
Philonicus limpidipennis (Hine 1909) CO AZ NM TX OK UT(2)
Philonicus obscurus Hine 1907 KY NJ DC NC OH PA NY MA WV VA SC GA FL(2)
Philonicus persimilis (Banks 1920) CA(2)
Pogonioefferia argentifrons (Hine 1911) KS TX OK NM SD?(2)
Pogonioefferia argyrosoma (Hine 1911) NM CO KS OK AR TX |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia auripila (Hine 1916) TX OK?(2)
Pogonioefferia basini (Wilcox 1966) NV WA OR ID UT AZ(2)
Pogonioefferia benedicti (Bromley 1940) BC|AZ WA ID OR NV CA UT AZ(2)
Pogonioefferia bexarensis (Bromley 1934) TX NM OK(2)
Pogonioefferia bicaudata (Hine 1919) AB BC MB SK|CO MT ID WY UT CO NM TX OK NE ND SD KS?(2)
Pogonioefferia cabeza (Wilcox 1966) AZ(2)
Pogonioefferia californicus (Schaeffer 1916) CA OR NV MT? WA?(2)
Pogonioefferia cana (Hine 1916) BC?|CA AZ NV UT CO |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia canella (Bromley 1934) AZ |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia clementei (Wilcox & Martin 1945) CA(2)
Pogonioefferia coquilletti (Hine 1919) CA AZ NV |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia deserti (Wilcox 1966) CA NV AZ UT |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia dubius (Williston 1885) WA AZ WY(2)
Pogonioefferia ehrenbergi (Wilcox 1966) AZ CA? |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia frewingi (Wilcox 1966) BC AB|OR CA UT NV ID WY(2)
Pogonioefferia helenae (Bromley 1951) MB AB SK|CO AZ TX NM UT WY ID MT NE SD ND KS(2)
Pogonioefferia inflata (Hine 1911) CA |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia kelloggi (Wilcox 1966) AZ NM |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia mesquite (Bromley 1951) TX(2)
Pogonioefferia monki (Bromley 1951) TX(2)
Pogonioefferia mortensoni (Wilcox 1966) AZ NM UT CA(2)
Pogonioefferia nemoralis (Hine 1911) LA KS OK OH VA WV NC GA SC AR(2)
Pogonioefferia neoinflata (Wilcox 1966) CA(2)
Pogonioefferia pallidula (Hine 1911) NM WY NE CO KS OK TX SD KS?(2)
Pogonioefferia parkeri (Wilcox 1966) AZ TX |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia pilosus (Hine 1919) TX NM AZ(2)
Pogonioefferia plena (Hine 1916) KS OK TX(2)
Pogonioefferia pogonias (Wiedemann 1821) MB? AB?|MN IA KS MO OK AR TX WI IL MS MI IN KY TN AL OH GA FL SC NC VA WV PA NY VT ME NH MA RI CT NJ DE MD DC(2)
Pogonioefferia rapax (Osten-Sacken 1887) AZ NM UT TX CO KS |Mexico(2)
Pogonioefferia staminea (Williston 1885) BC|MT MT WY CO UT SD KS(2)
Pogonioefferia texana (Banks in Hine 1919) TX AZ? OK KS NM(2)
Pogonioefferia triton (Osten-Sacken 1887) AZ NM KS? TX|Mexico HON(2)
Pogonioefferia truncata (Hine 1911) AZ CO UT NM(2)
Pogonioefferia utahensis (Bromley 1937) UT(2)
Pogonioefferia varipes (Williston 1885) AZ NM KS CO TX WY? OK(2)
Pogonioefferia wilcoxi (Bromley 1940) TX AZ NM(2)
Pogonioefferia yermo (Wilcox 1966) CA(2)
Pogonioefferia yuma (Wilcox 1966) AZ CA|Mexico(2)
Pogonosoma stricklandi Adisoemarto 1967 AB(2)
Polacantha pegma Martin 1975 CA(2)
Polacantha sinuosa Martin 1975 TX |Mexico(2)
Proctacanthella tolandi Wilcox 1965 CA AZ |Mexico?(2)
Proctacanthella wilcoxi Bromley 1935 TX OK?(2)
Proctacanthus longus (Wiedemann 1821) GA OK TX AR LA MS TN MS AL SC NC FL VA(2)
Proctacanthus nigrofemoratus Hine 1911 AZ NM TX|Mexico CHA(2)
Proctacanthus rodecki James 1933 CO ND SD NE NM TX OK KS(2)
Prolatiforceps fulviventris (Schaeffer 1916) AZ(2)
Prolatiforceps thulia Martin 1975 AZ NM(2)
ssp interrupta Hull 1957 AZ UT NM(2)
Promachus dimidiatus Curran 1927 MB AB SK MT WY CO NM UT KS NE SD ND MN WI IA(2)
Promachus magnus Bellardi 1861 TX AZ NM Mexico(2)
Promachus minusculus Hine 1911 NM TX AZ Mexico(2)
Promachus nigropilosus Schaeffer 1916 CA OR(2)
Promachus oklahomensis Pritchard 1935 OK CO NE KS MO IL IN(2)
Promachus perpusilla (Walker 1851) USA(2)
Promachus texanus Bromley 1934 TX OK Mexico(2)
Psilocurus modestus (Williston 1893) SD KS TX NM(2)
Psilocurus pygmaeus Hull 1961 TX NM?(2)
Psilocurus reinhardi Bromley 1951 TX Mexico NLE SLP(2)
Psilocurus tibialis Hull 1961 TX(2)
Rhadiurgus variabilis (Zetterstedt 1838) YT BC AB SK MB ON QC AK WA OR MI CO Europe(2)
Saropogon albifrons Back 1904 AZ CA Mexico(2)
Saropogon birdi Curran 1931 OK(2)
Saropogon combustus Loew 1874 TX CO NE KS OK NM(2)
Saropogon fletcheri Bromley 1934 TX(2)
Saropogon hyalinus Coquillett 1904 CA(2)
Saropogon laparoides Bromley 1951 TX(2)
Saropogon sculleni Wilcox 1966 TX(2)
Saropogon semiustus Coquillett 1904 CA AZ Mexico(2)
Saropogon senex Osten-Sacken 1887 AZ Mexico(2)
Saropogon solus Bromley 1951 TX Mexico(2)
Scleropogon cinerascens (Back 1909) TX(2)
Scleropogon coyote (Bromley 1931) AB WY ND MT SD NE CO NM TX AZ MO KS? OK UT(2)
Scleropogon dispar (Bromley 1937) AZ Mexico SON(2)
Scleropogon floridensis (Bromley 1951) FL(2)
Scleropogon huachucanus (Hardy 1942) AZ(2)
Scleropogon indistinctus (Bromley 1937) AZ UT CO OK NM TX KS? Mexico COA NLE ZAC(2)
Scleropogon neglectus (Bromley 1931) BC AB WY CA NM NV UT ID OR WA CO AZ MT(2)
Scleropogon similis Jones 1907 NE(2)
Scleropogon subulatus (Wiedemann 1828) GA KS MO KY TN NC NM OK TX AR LA MS AL FL SC(2)
Scleropogon texanus (Bromley 1931) TX NM Mexico TAM HID(2)
Sintoria cazieri Wilcox 1972 UT AZ NM(2)
Sintoria mojavae Wilcox 1972 CA(2)
Stenopogon adelantae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon albibasis Bigot 1878 CA OR NV(2)
Stenopogon antoniae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon bakeri Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon bartonae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon blaisdelli Wilcox 1971 CA Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon boharti Bromley 1951 AZ CA? Mexico(2)
Stenopogon bromleyi Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon brookmani Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon californioides Bromley 1937 CA(2)
Stenopogon diablae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon englandi Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon felis Bromley 1931 CA Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon figueroae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon gratus Loew 1872 CA(2)
Stenopogon inyae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon jubatoides Bromley 1937 CA(2)
Stenopogon jubatus Coquillett In Baker 1904 CA AZ? Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon jurupae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon kikwoodi Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon linsleyi Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon macswaini Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon martini Bromley 1937 ID WA MT OR CA NV WY UT AZ NM CO KS NE(2)
Stenopogon melanderi Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon mojavae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon neojubatus Wilcox & Martin 1945 CA(2)
Stenopogon nigritulus Coquillett 1904 CA AZ Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon obscuriventris Loew 1872 CA Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon ozenae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon pinyonae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon powelli Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon propinquus Bromley 1937 OR CA(2)
Stenopogon rafaelae Wilcox 1971 CA(2)
Stenopogon rufibarboides Bromley 1937 CA(2)
Stenopogon tolandi Wilcox 1971 CA NV(2)
Stenopogon utahensis Bromley 1951 UT AZ CA NV(2)
Stenopogon wilcoxi Bromley 1937 CA Mexico BCF(2)
Stenopogon williamsi Wilcox 1971 CA Mexico BCF(2)
Stichopogon arenicola Wilcox 1936 AZ(2)
Stichopogon colei Bromley 1934 TX OK(2)
Stichopogon coquilletti (Bezzi 1910) CA(2)
Stichopogon pritchardi Bromley 1951 KS CO OK TX NM(2)
Stichopogon salinus (Melander 1923) UT ID NV(2)
Stilpnogaster auriannulatus Hine 1906 BC AB WA CA MT CO WY OR UT(2)
Taracticus paulus Pritchard 1938 CA(2)
Tolmerus alamosae Martin 1975 NM(2)
Tolmerus maneei (Hine 1909) NC MI NY IN OH PA WV VA KY SC GA FL DC(2)
Tolmerus notatus (Wiedemann 1828) GA KS MI MO IL OK TX AR IN OH KY TN GA FL SC NC WV VA PA NY VT NH ME DC MD(2)
Tolmerus pawaneeae Martin 1975 KS(2)
Tolmerus prairiensis Tucker 1907 KS CO NM TX OK SD?(2)
Townsendia dilata Martin 1966 AZ? Mexico VER?(2)
Townsendia pulcherrima Back 1909 TX(2)
Tuberculefferia producta (Hine 1919) CA AZ UT Mexico(2)
Tuberculefferia setigera (Wilcox 1966) CA Mexico BCF(2)
Tuberculefferia spiniventris (Hine 1919) AZ NM(2)
Tuberculefferia tuberculata (Coquillett 1904) TX AZ NM OK CO? KS? Mexico(2)
Tuberculefferia tucsoni (Wilcox 1966) AZ CA NV NM UT(2)
Wilcoxia cinerea James 1941 CO(2)
Wilcoxia martinorum Wilcox 1972 CA AZ NV Mexico SON(2)
Wilcoxia monae Wilcox 1972 CA NV(2)
Wilcoxia painteri Wilcox 1972 NM AZ UT(2)
Wilcoxia pollinosa Wilcox 1972 NM TX(2)
Willistonina bilineata (Williston 1883) BC CA WA OR UT? ssp nigrofemorata Wilcox 1935 CA OR ID MT UT NV WY Mexico BCF(2)
Zabrops tagax (Williston 1883) CA AZ Mexico SON(2)
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