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Dolomedes triton

Dolomedes triton
1 Mile north of Pipestone National Monument, Pipestone County, Minnesota, USA
June 5, 2011
On water in shallow ephemeral pool over rock outcrops. Could someone please confirm and file in appropriate location - no bug guide records for Minnesota.

Moved from Spiders.

I don't often mess with the spiders, but I'm pretty confident about this one, too. :)

Moved from ID Request.

Moved from ID Request.

It didn't move far

No, it didn't
I am still learning, at least trying to learn. You can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that I (a very new participant to bug guide) can only put images in ID request and Frass. I cannot move this image to even higher level taxonomic groups (i.e. spiders).

You can move your own images...
...anywhere in the Guide. Just click on "tag," navigate to the appropriate taxon, make sure you're on the "Images" tab, and then click "move tagged images."

Give it a try. If you run into trouble, just let me know.

I must have been in browse. Moved to "spiders", I want to make sure someone confirms. I am quite confident on the ID given the material I used, but I don't know spiders.