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Antaeotricha unipunctella, Hodges #1013 ? - Autosticha kyotensis

Antaeotricha unipunctella, Hodges #1013 ? - Autosticha kyotensis
Houston, 77063, Harris County, Texas, USA
June 14, 2012
Is this iD correct?

Moved to Autosticha kyotensis
Moved from Gelechioidea.

I moved it anyway. I'll forget about it in Moths and if I ever get an a clear answer to my ID questions I'll move it out if need be.

Autosticha kyotensis
I agree with Robert and lean toward Autosticha kyotensis but I wouldn't move it just yet. You might want to subscribe to the submission here.

Thank you for continuing to work on this one.

Moved for Further Investigation
Moved from ID Request.

I'm thinking ...
Antaeotricha unipunctella, as its name implies, has only a "small single spot" on FW and has no dotted ST. This looks like either Pseuderotis obiterella or Autosticha kyotensis.