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Wasp - Therion - female

Wasp - Therion - Female
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 27, 2008
Size: approx. 2 cm

Moved from Ichneumon Wasps.

Moved from ID Request.

I'n no expert, but it looks similar to something I shot that has been tagged as genus Therion.

Curious to know where you found it (from Toronto myself)

Thanks to all for the id. I g
Thanks to all for the id. I got this picture in the Highway 7 / Leslie area where I used to work. I'm curious about the difference between Therion (morio species for instance) and Thyreodon atricolor. I see at least one picture in the guide was moved from Thyreodon atricolor to Therion morio but all the pictures of T. atricolor in the guide seem to have black legs and the Therion species have black and yellow legs. However (1) shows Thyreodon atricolor with black and yellow legs.

I just pulled out my copy of the Marshall book. His figure 543.1 is misidentified as Thyreodon atricolor and is clearly Therion morio. An even more atrocious misidentification in this book is that of the books figure 544.9, which is a species of Ichneumonini labeled as Theronia hilaris. I had wondered why I was seeing species of Ichneumoninae identified as Theronia hilaris on the web, when I happened to buy a copy of this book to help me identify flies that I had take photos of. It was correcting that misidentification which caused me to become involved with Bug Guide, and the very first image I submitted to Bug Guide was a male of Theronia hilaris. In addition to having the hind tibia yellow and black, the metasoma of Therion morio is much narrower in lateral aspect than that of Thyreodon atricolor.

Thank you! That clears things
Thank you! That clears things up for me.

You're Welcome
Incidentally, I also notice that Dr. Marshall has mislabeled his 545.7 as Protichneumon grandis; it is not Protichneumon but may actually be Ichneumon devinctor. His figure 545.5 which is labeled as Ichneumon may be Protichneumon grandis.

Thanks again. I've added thos
Thanks again. I've added those notes to my book (545.6 instead of 545.5 I assume)

Yes, not 545.5.