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Small, red-legged wasp - Auplopus mellipes

Small, red-legged wasp - Auplopus mellipes
Springfield, Virginia, USA
September 24, 2004
Behaved similar to the small spider wasp I posted earlier, but this one had red legs. It was constantly moving, crawling around leaves or flying from place to place. Any help identifying is appreciated.

Moved from Auplopus mellipes.

Spider Wasp
You did it AGAIN:-) This is Auplopus mellipes, one of the few spider wasps that actually creates mud nests, often inside the abandoned nests of pipe organ mud daubers (Trypoxylon politum). This is another one I would like to have for our field guide if you are agreeable to sharing this image. Keep up the great work.

Auplopus mellipes
Thanks for the ID, Eric. I'll send this one off, too. I spotted this wasp while I was looking to take better images of the Dipogon sayi spider wasp.